The Fellowship of Good Gamers

Finding a good guild to hang my MMO hat has been a favorite topic of mine. You just don’t know what your getting into till you’ve made the fated choice, wondering if everything will be wonderful or if you’ll have to start looking for another place to hang your hat 3 or 4 months down the road.

Lucky for me, I made a great choice when I decided to play Warhammer online.

Casualites of War is by far one of the most helpful and group oriented guilds I have every been a part of. They look after the whole guild, not just the individuals at the top. Their goal is for everyone in the guild to have fun. They plan events that cover all levels of players and they encourage everyone to participate. If you need help questing or doing a PQ, they are more than willing to come help without wondering what’s in it for them. That’s what I call a great guild.

But, alas, my time in Warhammer was to be brief. Work started to take up most of my time and I was unable to keep up with WAR 0r the guild like I had hoped. When I finally got some free time to play, the wanderlust of WAR had faded and I just couldn’t force myself to log in to play. I started spending more time on my Xbox 360, since it only required small amounts of my time rather than tons like MMO’s tend to do.

The days of being in a great guild seemed to be fading from me. But alas, I was saved again. Casualties of War decided to branch out, to be more than just a Warhammer guild. Several of the members had lost interest in WAR as well but wanted to keep the guild alive in other MMO’s, so they decided to become a multi game guild. Lucky for me, they decided to make World of Warcraft there second guild venture. I was already set to keep my WoW account and pick up WOTLK, so this was fantastic news. The only draw back was, they wanted to start over. I was a bit leery of this, since I was all set to take my two 70’s into Northrend, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to be in a guild that I knew from experience would look after it’s membership as a whole not just the upper elite, which previous guilds I had been in tended to do.

So, I did it. The guild started over on Rexxar, a… well… a PvE server. Man, it hurt to say that. But right now, I’m having more fun these past few days than I have had in the past 2 years of playing WoW. I use to look down on those who had chosen a PvE server over a PvP server, but to be honest, after having experienced both, I am here to say, officially that I prefer the PvE. I mean, after playing WAR and seeing what PvP really is, Blizzard’s so called Real World PvP is, well, pretty lame. The best thing to do is, pick a PvE server and just do Battle grounds if your itching for action. The rest is just pointless.

Players have been saying this for years and now I truly understand, the PvP aspect of WoW was slapped on and ever since, Blizzard has been trying to justify it, reshape it and make it their own. The fact is they have failed terribly in trying to make it work. Battle grounds are ok, but real world PvP just isn’t working. Some might think that being able to gank someone, who’s character is 30 levels lower than theirs is exhilarating, but the fact is, it sucks for the guy or gal getting pounded, especially if they are camped repeatedly. Many a player has quit WoW because of this horrible excuse for PvP.

Anyway, I am happy to have found a fellowship of good gamers.

Go CoWs.


~ by oakstout on December 2, 2008.

One Response to “The Fellowship of Good Gamers”

  1. Greetings!

    I know exactly where you’re coming from, been in too many guilds to know the drama and politics that’s involved from greedy, selfish people and their own agenda’s. Trust me though, it’s even worse when the whole game community your playing in is like this.

    Shame to hear you’re not playing WAR still, I’m on Darklands Destro and in a great guild call Van Diemen’s Demise, very similar it sounds to Casualties of War, and they’re a multi-game guild too.

    Good luck in your battles my friend 🙂

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