Fed up!

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with wordpress of late. Images not being able to load, text not showing up correctly and the last straw was last night when one of my posts made it to the feeder, but got lost on the site. Not sure what is going on with the wordpress site, but its been trashed since March, which has pretty much been pissing me off.

So, I’m going to be moving to my blogspot account. So if you have this on a feeder, you might want to change too, http://www.oakstout.blogspot.com. I would make it a link, but all the controls for doing that are missing right now, sorry, but you’ll just have to cut and paste. I’m done with WordPress.

One of these days I’ll throw down some cash and get my own website, but till then, I’ll be blogging on free sites. I’m hoping to have the site, the other site working by this afternoon. Right now I just have a small introduction to myself, so feel free to experience some more poor writing. lol

Again, its http://www.oakstout.blogspot.com

See you all there.


~ by oakstout on May 29, 2008.

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