And the winner is….

Did you think it was going to be that easy? You expected me to just say AoC beats WoW hands down right? Well, not exactly!

Well, I’ve been playing Age of Conan since last Tuesday (release day). Due to my heavy raiding schedule in WoW, which is a wonderful excuse, since I’ve been struggling for so long to find a great guild and I’ve have finally found one. Because of this slight unexpected happiness, I haven’t been able to get past 20 yet, but I do have several at level 9 and one at level 18.

Here’s the run down so far. The lag for me is minimum, although I did hit some pretty good chop on Saturday while playing, but I brought my graphical settings down a bit and that helped. My current machine, which i built the middle of last year is a pretty beefy machine.

  • 8800GT 512MB
  • Dual core 2.5ghz
  • 2Gig ram
  • Over 500Gig HDD space.

I can run the game on medium with a 2xAA setting, and a few other graphical effects turned on. I do love the Bloom effect, but that had to get turned off this past Saturday due to some lag issues. This lets me achieve an average of 28 – 40FPS. Not bad for right out of the box. It runs better than EQ2 did on my current machine, not to mention the scenery, characters and over all look of the game is better.

The game has been pretty rock solid since I started playing. I’ve only encountered a few issues, like, when exiting the game I get an error, which causes the game to rescan all the files before I can log in again. There is also the nasty, getting stuck in the foliage effect, which if they don’t fix soon will really start to piss me off. lol I have also noticed a few graphic glitches, like my character becoming bald while swimming in water and when putting on a frayed head cover my character looks like she’s wearing a white cat on her head, which would be nice if my character had white hair to start with. Over all the graphics respond a lot better than in this game. Basically the trees don’t move while all the extra textures are being rendered, as they do in Lotro.

Everyone should already be aware of the two types of questing once you get into the city of Tortage. The night time questing is by far the most fun. The problem is that you can only do those for so long before you hit a level block. Once this occurs, and it does for every one, you have to head out and do some real world questing to get your levels up. Not a big problem, but you end up dying a few times on the night time quests before you realize you need to level up outside. But for the most part, the Day time or Multiplayer questing is a lot of collection quests and “kill this many” quests. The drop rate on the collection quests is nice, but there is an issue doing quests that ask you to pick up stuff off the ground, especially if your with a friend or group, because the respawn for these specific items is long. Your party members also don’t get credit for it if you pick it up before them, which I’m glad WoW does.

Overall the game is a lot of fun, but still full of bugs, but nothing that is crippling to the game play. If you play a demonologist, your demon despawns everytime you zone in and out of an instanced area. This is annoying. (Oh, a really funny side note, if you have a male character, your demon is female, if your female, your demon is male.) The Trader, which is the person that handles the Auction house, bank and in game mail is still being worked on and is currently down. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. You also can’t create chat channels nor can you change the color of your text. You can create separate boxes to filter your chat, but since you only get a few options as to what kind of chat you can filter its not that big of a deal.

Currently I’m on a PvP server and I haven’t for the life of me figured out what the purpose of PvP is at the earlier levels. You can kill people, but you don’t get anything for it. It would be nice if you got something for killing people the same level as you or higher. It would also be nice if they imposed some kind of penalty for people that are 10 levels higher than you camping your area.

This leads me to class balance. Some classes are just over powering. Rangers for example can pretty much pwn anyone their level if they have distance on you, but they can also do it at close range as well. What about a few interrupts? I’m beating the crap out of a Ranger with my club and he’s still able to fire point blank at me and do combos? If someone was beating the crap out of me with a club I don’t think I could pull a string back on a bow and fire repeatedly at him. I’m not asking for too much realism, but come on. I mean if I can pull down fire from above and get interrupted, then why can’t a Ranger? Like I said, some class balancing would be nice, especially if your end game is going to be all about the PvP.

Ok, thats the last of my thoughts. The game is great with the exceptions of those problems listed above, but they aren’t deal breakers, they just need to get fixed. And since they seem to be on top of things, like creating more servers for people to migrate too, I think they will get around to eventually fixing the other issues.

As a side note, If your going to PvP, I would recommend a Nostromo N52 controller. It pretty much rocks with working the combos and is a must when playing a complicated class like the Ranger. (Yes, I have an over powered Ranger. I created her when I kept getting pwned by one. lol)

If you have been on the fence about this game, i say give it a try. The real question is can FUNCOM get the game under control and fixed by the time Wraith or WAR comes out. If they can’t get it done, they’ll lose a lot of people.

Oh and just for the record, I’m not going to give up my WoW account for AoC. Its fun, but not a WoW killer. I would say its more a TR or LOTRO killer than anything else.


~ by oakstout on May 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “And the winner is….”

  1. Seriously developers, if a game is spent 80% questing, you should probably come up with more interesting quests.

    If there is an MMO out there that doesn’t have a single ‘kill 10 rats’ quest, I’ll play it.

  2. You sure got it right when you said that the game needs fixing! There’s so many things that are not working or not working properly, and they’re much more noticeable once you get out of Tortage and the newbie levels. The first portion of the game is really much more polished.

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