It’s Getting Better All the Time!

Well that’s what the Beatles believed.  Right?

I believe they were right and here is why.

This week, I managed to get my mage into a very good guild.  To start with, I need to stress that I am not a leader type person, I’m a follower, so basically, followed the players that got the raw deal in my “Closing the Door” blog to the guild they had migrated too.  I have to say that so far, I’m very impressed.  They are very well organized, they have rules and information posted on their website that spells out just about everything you might expect to have a question about.  Ah, to be in the land of sanity and reason again.

 I also figured out a very scientific new test to see whether a guild might be a good fit for me.  Seeing as how I’m pretty picky about guilds and the people in them. 

First you have to login pretty early in the morning and hang out till just a few guild members are logged in, maybe 2 or 3.  Then say “hello” in guild chat.  If they say something right away, it means that they are pretty friendly, especially if its a monday morning.  Now if the chat goes beyond the cordial series of greetings and works up into an actually conversation, then you know you have a pretty decent group of people.  With this new guild, I had to break off the 30 minute conversation I was having so I wouldn’t be late for work. lol

Every time I would log in to my last guild be it morning noon or night, I would always say “hello” to the guild.  It usually took them around 20 minutes for someone to say hello back, and that’s if they even noticed.  Busy people with their own busy little lives.

Anyway, I feel that I have finally found a good guild. Currently, because I am a new member, I’m in a probationary period that will last two weeks.  During this time, I won’t be eligible for loot on any of the 25 man raids, unless no one wants anything.  But that doesn’t bother me, because they have a pretty decent loot system.

Instead of DKP, you have to get classified as “Hard Core”.  “Hard Core” status allows you rolls on loot first or you can pass.  To achieve this status, you have to get points by running raids.  So, if I run Kara, which is 1 point and then I run a 25 man raid, which is another 2 points, I will have 3 points for the week.  Three points gets me classified as “Hard Core” which means the next week, I get to roll on gear thats for my class. Once the “Hard Core” players decide if they want it or pass.  If they pass, then it goes down to the “Casual” players, then the Alts and last the guild newbies.  It seems like a pretty good and fair system.  It encourages weekly participation without making it a system where you can fall behind.  If I take a week off cause of work, I only have to work 1 week of raiding and I’m back to “Hard Core” status.  

The great thing about this system is it only applies to the 25 man raids,because all of the current 10 man raids are on farm status, so, If I run Karazhan, then I still get to roll normally if I need the gear. 

Speaking of Karazhan, I managed to run one last week with a bunch of players from my new guild, before I had actually joined and got all the way to Prince for the first time.  It was pretty sweet and we downed him on the first try.  I collected a bunch of Badges of Justice.   I also ended up with two new pieces of gear, Trial-Fire Trousers and Collar of the Aldor, which is my T4 head piece.  I then preceded to get them socketed and plastered with glyphs, so now I’m very broke. lol

It was really nice to find a group of players to hang out with, even if it was till the wee hours of a work week, that now happen to be my new guild mates.  Isn’t that extra special?   

I will say this, I was pretty lonely when I wasn’t in a guild.  Not sure why I felt that way, because in my old guild, I didn’t really have anyone that I hung out with or chatted with.  I still have friends outside of the guild that would be on and we would chat, but I guess there is something about seeing the guild chat race by as people are arguing or discussing the next raid that seems comforting.   Or it could be just me. lol

I’ve also managed to get in a little bit of CoD 4.  Its a very good first person shooter that I would highly recommend.  I think it’s better than the Battlefield series, but don’t tell Scott I said that. If you have a 8800 GT card it just looks fantastic.  The single player game had me before the credits even started at the beginning, but it was the multiplayer aspect that really captured my attention.  By far, it is probably the best part of the game due to its originality.  Its this kind of “outside the box” thinking that MMOs need to use when designing end game content.

When you start playing online, you get a bunch of generic kits, submachine gunner, demolitionist, sniper, etc.  As you participate, you gain experience.  This earned XP works towards raising your characters rank.  As you go up in rank, the game unlocks more weapon options and special abilities.  Ever wanted to be able to get in a last shot once you knew you were dead, now you can, its an ability you can earn. lol

Pick up the game, you will like it.

Thats about it for now.  Never fear, I am still playing LOTRO.  I’ve managed to get my little Lore Master to 14, and still having fun.  I managed to pick up the new fishing hobby and work that in when I can. A friend and I still managed to group up on the Landrovel server.  We play once a week so we don’t get burned out.  Somehow he managed to become leader of an almost extinct guild, but we aren’t actively recruiting till its needed.

He also managed to get a Minstrel up to 20 without dying. Course he did it without grouping with me, but once he does, he’ll really start to die. lol

Well, thats it for now. (Didn’t I say that already?)  I have another blog sitting in my draft box that I haven’t found the time to work on yet.  I have it pretty much written, just need to create some art for it.  For some reason, having a little picture at the top of the page seems to make my blogs look a bit better, even if they aren’t the best pics.  At the least it distracts from my bad grammar and spelling.  I had my wife read a blog of mine recently and she had to stop, because my bad sentence structure was driving her mad. lol  Well, if my new hero Stephen King can get away with it, why can’t I?





~ by oakstout on May 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “It’s Getting Better All the Time!”

  1. Haha. Nice post.

    I soloed the minstrel to L20 mainly so I wouldn’t feel guilty about running from tight spots and leaving you hanging. Now that the title is done, I can relax and play normally. Whatever normal is. 😉

    I’m glad to hear your guild situation has improved. Someday I’ll have to finish that druid. Hehe.

  2. Congrats on the new guild, people like that are invaluable and I tend to seek them out actively now when I join a new game. My LOTRO kinship has a great attitude and great morale and just makes it all the more fun being able to actually group with them.

    I never said COD4 wasn’t a good shooter, I just said the online game (so far — I haven’t put much time into it since it’s made a relatively poor first impression) is the same ol’ same ol’ small maps, small skirmishes that I played ten years ago, only with better graphics and effects.

  3. Sorry, I wasn’t dissing the fact that you didn’t like CoD4, Talyn. I was dissing the BF series, I know how much you enjoy that over CoD4 and I was just poking a little fun. lol

    The CoD4 online play is a bit different than I’m use too. The capture and defend maps are kind of fun, and they are small for sure. To tell the truth, I haven’t played a military style FPS in a very long time. To me the improved graphics make the game more fun for me, even it it is a new skin on an old animal, its a pretty good skin. lol

    Now, I have to say that I did like the original BF series, which included 1942 and Vietnam. I spent many hours playing them and for the time they were pretty good. The problem I am having with the series is their version of modern warfare. The maps to me weren’t that varied. They also seemed a bit big and you had to run a long way to find anyone to kill. No to mention all the trouble I had getting the thing to work the first time I installed it.

    With CoD4, I loaded it up, found a server and was off in no time. Lag on any server I tried was non existant, and the learning curve wasn’t too high. The maps were small so fire fights seemed a bit more agressive and fast paced.

    But mainly I enjoyed the ability to earn rank and open up new weapons, that you could create customized kits with. I found this very original. I felt like I was going something besides just killing people and capturing points, I was advancing my character, which for me was fun.

  4. Yeah BF2 and 2142 also had a RPG-esque persistent character and you advance through the ranks and gain additional weapons or equipment to take onto the field.

    The big maps and 64 players are the draw for me. Rather than having small maps where all the battles are always in the same two bottlenecks, I enjoy the feeling of being in a larger-scale war where there are multiple objectives and multiple battlefronts occurring simultaneously. Plus the squadron/grouping aspect really drives it home. There are aspects of the BF engine I’m not fond of though, that’s for sure, and I wish EA wasn’t behind the whole thing.

  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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