Drive By Posting!

Sorry for the limited postings (None actually in a week I think) lately, work and having nothing really important to say has been the cause of a lot of it. Not that i don’t have “something” to say, but I usually just come up with very silly ideas, like this one I’m about to post in my drive by.

Do people on an RP server (Role Playing) just stay in character in game or do they do it on Vent and Teamspeak as well? Do some of them even dress up while they are playing the game? How hardcore are these people? I mean aren’t they just a little off their rockers? Or could they be the best thing a game has going for it?

Never having played on an RP server, I wouldn’t know. I did play AD&D a lot when I was in college and at times, I could really get into the role playing aspect of the game. I preferred a game where the DM created the whole world, all the encounters and made all the mobs have personalities, rather than one where people ran it all out of a store bought module. Less mechanics more role play I would say. I personally was happy if they never rolled the dice and we just talked our ways out of encounters.

All this is funny, because in the gaming world, I want less story and more dice rolling. Why is that? Have we been spoiled by more mechanics in a game and less story that we just want to kill stuff and could care less if the guy we are killing razed an entire village with his orc army? Does anyone know what the story behind the destruction of Norrath happens to be or do they even care? Does anyone know the story behind Black Temple or would they just rather know how to kill the mobs and get the loot?

I bet the players on an RP server know. They help give credence to the designers that build the world, create the history and make the quests that all tie together. In my opinion, they help persevere the integrity of the game, while the rest of us PVP, grind monsters and do crafting.

Things to think about.


~ by oakstout on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Drive By Posting!”

  1. My own perspective is that each individual has to define “role-playing” to themselves. Some people think RP is a bunch of emo people chatting in /say in really poor Olde English. I’ve been invited to RP channels on IRC where all I ever saw was each person contributing paragraphs to a story. To me, that’s collaborative story-telling, not RP, but obviously those people felt differently. And that’s fine. I’ve told the story before of the WoW druid who never wore boots because she thought her feet should always feel the raw earth, and that was before the days of vanity outfits, so she was actually taking a hit to her armor/stats for her RP integrity!

    My own personal way of RP-ing is to make up a light personality “tick” or something that immediately identifies that character. I keep all “RP-ish” chat to my immediate group (or guild) but I’m not 100% in character at all times. In fact, I can go in and out of character in the same sentence. I despise the whole ((content in double parentheses is in/out of character)) crap too. I just type what I want, it should be fairly obvious if I’m in character or not; it’s not my job to hand-hold everyone through text chat.

    However, if an RP server is available, I will typically play there primarily because (in theory, not always in practice unfortunately) naming policies are tighter on the RP servers so I have less chance of encountering “Thundernoob” or “Sir Pwnzalotz” during my adventuring.

    In fact, I wouldn’t oppose automatically assigning a server group by age… keep the children to themselves so they can be l33t-tards amongst themselves.

  2. I think there needs to be a balance but yeah most games have too much fight fight fight and not enough talk. Of course, we are dealing with a wide variety fo custormers so itd be nice if there was an option to go to a server where the gameplay was different, RP made by the developers acting as DM’s and of course normal servers where people who just want to kill things and get phat lewts can do that.

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