What’s Happening?

I wanted to take a minute and talk about some interesting things I’ve been getting into lately.

First, I managed to play a bit of LOTRO, as you can see from my other posting today.  The game is worth a try, and you can pick it up at Circuit City for $20.00.  I also played a bit of WoW as well.  I worked my poor neglected Paladin to level 53 last night.  Sadly, I’ve only managed to take Gwion, my level 70 mage, to the new area only once since it was released, but due to the fact that I’m on a PvP server, its pretty hairy out in that zone right now from what I hear and if your not traveling in a pack, you’ll get eaten alive by horde.

 Also, over this past weekend, I was able to get into a little bit of Lost Odyssey on the Xbox 360.  It’s an RPG similar to Final Fantasy series.  I’ve only managed to beat the first Boss, but the game is pretty great.  I don’t have an HD Tv yet, but the game looks and plays really great.  If your looking for something different and your tired of waiting for the next FF game, try Lost Odyssey.  The load times aren’t as bad as some reviewers have said, and if that is all thats keeping it from getting a 10 on their scale, then I say buy the game.

Also, on my list of new purchases is my new 4 x 6 writing tablet, by Wacom.  I’ve only been able to dabble with it a bit, but its pretty sweet.  I purchased it on the believe that one day I would be able to do an internet comic like Scott Johnson and Woody Hearn.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget, Penny Arcade.  But so far, I’ve only managed two different drawings and neither of them is a comic, I don’t think. lol

The second one isn’t finished yet, so I’m really not sure what its suppose to be.  When  I’m away doing shows out of town, I tend to doodle a lot.  I realized that some of these little doodles aren’t half bad, and I should save them, which is the reason I bought the tablet. This way, I can be creative at home as well as away and I can preserve all the silly drawings I make, and torture my readers as well.

That is about it for new stuff.  One last thing, I’m not sure I like the new wordpress interface.  Apparently, while I was out, they changed a few things, and for some reason, my foxfire browser was having a hard time uploading pictures.   Lucky for me, I decided to try the new Safari browser by Apple.  When I say new, I mean new to windows and me, not new to the world of mac users.  I’ve managed to do two postings using it and its working like a champ.  No problems getting it to upload images or any other kind of strange and crazy stuff.  I haven’t decided if i want to use it as my default browser, but I will definitely us it for my blog postings while at home.

I do want to thank everyone for dropping by.  I’m like a little kid on Christmas day when I check my blog stats or check to see if anyone has posted anything, good or bad.  Again, I promise to post a bunch this week.  I’ve got some thoughts on an article that Stephen King wrote for EW a few weeks ago about passing laws concerning video games and children, so stay tuned, you never know what I might say.



~ by oakstout on April 14, 2008.

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