Still AFK!

Been working a lot of crazy hours, so I don’t have much to report.

I did manage to get my Hobbit Burglar to 12 and have really started enjoying LOTRO a lot more.  Still haven’t made it to any very populated areas, so I don’t know how much graphic lag I will get once I make it to a major town, but the game is certainly a time waster.

As soon as I get off the road, I’ll post a full report on what I’ve liked and disliked about the game, so please check back.

I did manage to find the time to see the movie, The RUINS.  Not a stellar horror movie, but worth a rental when it comes out. 

Stay tuned, still!


~ by oakstout on April 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Still AFK!”

  1. Work? Who needs work? Middle Earth needs a-savin’ ! 😀

    After grouping with a few hunters from my kinship, I made one myself, and DAMN are they fun! I’m hooked! Mine’s already level 22.

    The kin has been slow this week, at first we were going to do Fornost but that fell through and I’m both excited at reaching 40 on my Lore-master and terrified that, there’s only 10 more levels left til I’m doing the end-game routine. Mixed blessing, that one… which just prompts me to play with my hunter more!

    Looking forward to seeing you back soon…

  2. When I finally get back on full time, I’ll need a Kin invite. I like soloing, but I miss being in a community with others.

    Also, I need to try a fellowship. I keep seeing stuff about special spells you can do once in a fellowship, but haven’t a clue how that all works. I suspect its a lot like EQ2 in some respects, but its not a widely hyped aspect of Lotro, which is crazy because I thought the Heroic stuff in Eq2 made that game. Sure it looked great, but when your in a group you can do special attacks as a group, that stuff just rocks for me.

    I wish they would impliment that in WoW, but at this point it would be too late.

    I’m hoping for time off this following week, so I’m sure I’ll catch up with you then.

  3. Yeah fellowing really rocks, that’s all there is to it. It’s very noticeable how, once grouped, all the classes suddenly have this synergy. Whether the players share that synergy, that’s another story altogether but I’ve only had a single negative-ish experience in a PUG. The Fellowship Maneuvers are extremely cool, though I’m barely beginning to comprehend what’s what just yet. It’s only recently that I’m finding groups (normally a kin group rather than a PUG) that’s actually trying for the more advanced maneuvers rather than “just click all red.” The more advanced the move, the trickier it is to pull off, but the more awesomely rewarding it is if you get it.

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