Well, after being afk for about a week, I logged into WoW, and I wsa bored.  I did manage to get my Paladin, Oakley to 51, which isn’t hard now that you get tons of xp for quests.  But still, it just felt like a job.  Grind Grind Grind.

So, as I write this, I’m downloading the 7 day trial for LOTRO.  I’m going to give that game another try.  I know people hate when people ask advice in their blog, but if anyone has a good suggestion as to a nice starting character class and friendly server, please let me know.  As soon as the trial for LOTRO is up, I’m also going to download EVE Online.  I figure I’d try a few different games while I’m chilling on WoW.

By no means am I done with WoW, but as a lot of bloggers are saying, its nice to have an alternative to the boredom of grinding.  I do intend to level up my Paladin,  get him attuned and equiped for Kara runs, but thats going to be a long drawn out grind.  But I have to say, next to the my Mage, the Paladin has been fun to level.  I just think its ironic that in real life I’m a Paladin/Sorcery and in WoW my two favorite characters are Mage and Paladin.  Maybe the quiz is a lot more correct than I want to admit. lol

The guild has grown a lot since I last logged in too.  Either we have lots of new members or everyone has leveled an alt to 70 in a week, which the way quest xp is these days, wouldn’t be to hard.

I’ll post more interesting stuff later, hopefully.


~ by oakstout on March 25, 2008.

13 Responses to “Bored?”

  1. I haven’t played LOTRO but I also intend to try out the 7 day trial.
    Sadly I have no other information for you about LOTRO.

    I have tried Eve twice now. I love reading stories about the game, events that take place, etc. But playing the actual game seemed beyond confusing and boring.
    Also, I’m not in love with the concept that character advancement of skills is tied directly to real time. I can’t “work harder” and get certain skills up faster. I have to wait for real life to pass. Sure I can do other stuff in the mean time like mine or fight things, but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

  2. I didn’t know that about skills, but that actually works ok for me, because I think you can skill up while your AFK, and with my work, sometimes I’m AFK for weeks at a time. It would be nice to have a game where I’m still playing even if I’m working, unless I completely miss understood this aspect of EVE, in that case, please disregard. lol

  3. I’m presuming you’re in the US? If so, Brandywine is the most populated server. I started there in beta but got tired of login queues so transfered to Arkenstone at launch where I’ve been happily residing since in the best.kinship.ever! If you’re into RP, Landroval is the unofficial US RP server, since the US servers don’t have official types like the EU ones do.

    Classes… My main is the lore-master which at first glance would seem the mage type but, in the WoW sense of things, is not. It’s the only class restricted to light armor, so very squishy and difficult-ish to solo at low levels but becomes godly powerful on the high-end. It’s primarily a crowd control class, with a few debuffs, dps/dots and a backup heal when it hits the fan. It’s probably one of the more difficult classes to play well, but I’m enjoying it very much. I just wish I had a buff for the group… I normally don’t like playing squishie caster-types (especially WoW… I often stood slack-jawed in awe of the mages but *hated.hated.hated* actually playing one) but for whatever reason the Lore-master’s play style is clicking with me. Having multiple pets changes things up as well, because each different pet plays a totally different role and you have to adapt your play style to accommodate that.

    The easiest to play would be either the champion (dps warrior) or hunter (which is the WoW mage “nuker” class) but as such, those two are the two most populous classes you’ll see running around. Champions are good at fast, dual-wield melee, and *I think* they have probably the highest AoE damage, but not positive. Even with heavy armor, though, they seem to take a helluva beating when they get aggro. They can tank fine but in my experience they’re more high-maintenance for the minstrel than a guardian. The hunter, unlike WoW, is not a pet class. Hunters do get traps for crowd control, can track mobs, can teleport the group to certain locations, and they have the highest single-target damage in the game. My little hunter alt is just now level 13, and we’ve kinda twinked him a bit with pretty good gear (not the best crit gear, because he’ll out-level it so fast) and he’s already starting to get to the point that, provided he doesn’t miss, he can kill an even-level mob well before it reaches him. Running with a 50 hunter is just damn impressive watching the damage they do, and their teleports are invaluable for getting the group around. Only real gripe I hear is because their sole combat strength is nuking, your choices for developing the class seems more limited. I haven’t played a champion yet, but I would guess (perhaps incorrectly, who knows?) it’s in a similar boat. But, for players who want to do damage, those are the ones to go for, and the dps whores certainly seem to enjoy them.

    Captain is another really cool class. Making a comparison to WoW, I’d say the Captain is a Paladin, but where I hated actually playing a pally in WoW I really enjoy playing Captains. It clicks with me more than WoW’s paladin did. Captains give buffs either through their heralds or banners, and also have group buffs and a group heal-over-time. The trick with the non-herald/banner buffs is that the group has to kill something to trigger the ability; you don’t get to just buff or HoT any time you please so it adds a bit more strategy to which ability you’ll use and when. Mine is only level 26 so I’m hardly an expert but I routinely group with level 50 captains from my kinship and while they can do the sword-and-board thing, they seem to prefer two-handing with polearms. I know my captain is still using his halberd from his class quest but I have a new sword and shield combo in the vault (bank) he’ll be able to use when he achieves level 27 for backup tanking purposes.

    The burglar… I’ve never played one and I don’t actually know what their role and primary strength is, other than they can stealth and out of all the classes, they’re the best at triggering Fellowship Maneuvers. I’m assuming they’re strength is stuns and melee dps, much like WoW’s rogue but it’s never crossed my mind to actually play one so don’t quote me on that.

    The two classes you’ll have the easiest time getting a group with are the obvious cornerstones: tank and healer. Or, Guardian and Minstrel. Both are a lot of fun to play, and since launch both have evolved and improved with new stances and for the Minstrel, more solo-ability. I’m considering asking my girlfriend to join me in the MMO-sphere (something I’ve never considered with any other game) and if so, I’ll likely suggest a hobbit guardian/minstrel duo.

    The expansion is also bringing two new classes to the mix, but Turbine hasn’t released any info on them yet.

  4. I haven’t been back in a while but I think Talyn summed it up pretty well over all.

    Something tells me that you’d enjoy a Dwarf Guardian to start, but consider rolling a Hobbit if for no other reason than exploring and questing in the Shire. Guardians get heavy armor the soonest of all the classes and have a very high survival rate even if a bit low in the damage department.

    I used to use my guardian to solo farm high level materials for my other/group characters for that very reason.

    Each race has a different starting area. Unless they’ve change things, Hobbits and Men start in Archet just east of Bree then Hobbits return to the Shire to commence the game proper after the noob starting zone instance.
    Elves and Dwarves start near Thorin’s Halls in Ered Luin.

    The exit sequence for each of these is very interesting and worth doing one of each (an elf/dwarf or man/hobbit) even if you don’t intend playing them afterwards.

    I agree a loremaster is tough initially. Consider a burglar though, their “rogue”like but less dpsy and more debuffy. Crowd control and the ability to trigger “fellowship maneuvers” was pretty fun.

    Explore and enjoy!

  5. As predicted, I started a Dwarven Guardian. lol Course, I did that before I read your post P0tSh0t.

    So far its fun. It seems similar to the button mashing that I had in CoH, but I’m hoping as I get more skills, it will have more strategy to the button mashingl, which is why I like WoW so much. I will say that is is one of the better looking games. First time I tried it, I didn’t have the Hi Res textures installed or the 22″ monitor. The game is awesome looking for sure. Some things do bother me, like why didn’t that just put snow tracks in the game. If i’m walking on snow, I should have some tracks….I mean if WoW can do it with their simple graphics, other games with Hi Res textures should right?

    Its a small thing. I am having a better time this go round. I didn’t have to spend much time remembering the interface or how to adjust things. I do want to know if you can move parts of the interface around? Some stuff just pops up in the strangest places. Normally, I would move the pop up window that tells you what stuff is, to a place away from my character information or target information…but I am not sure the game will let me move that little box.

    Other than getting use to a different interface, the game is fun. Being able to take on tougher creatures as a Guardian without having to worry so much is nice. And he grunts during some of his different attacks which is very interesting lol.

    Well, I’ll keep everyone updated. Oh, if your looking for me, my character is Oakenstout on Brandywine. I may start a character on a different server cause this does seem to be laggy at times due to population issues. If I do, I’ll keep everyone updated on which server and what character.

  6. Sorry, working on changing from Talyn to Scott but forgot to switch on my previous comment. With my luck, as soon as I’ve completed this everywhere I’ll want to switch back to my nickname… /shrug

    Oh sure, you just go to a different server then! I see how ya are! 😀

    To unlock the UI, press CTRL+\ move things around then CTRL+\ again to lock it. For tooltips, there’s a UI option (I’m on the road so I can’t look up the exact name) that toggles the stationary tooltip or will place it over your cursor. The stationary one initially bothered me, but then having it popup at my cursor bothered me more so I switched back and I’m used to it now.

    Yeah as you level up you’ll get new skills, and perhaps more importantly, new stances. Complaints about dps prompted Turbine to add new dps stances (no idea what the real name is) at the expense of taking more hits.

    Snow tracks… they made a comment about the new Forochel zone coming in the next Book content update that, no, you still don’t leave snow tracks. It’s on the “to do” list but not high priority right now.

  7. Also, this is important: LOTRO is not WoW — don’t be afraid of PUG’s here! 😛 Especially since you’re on the trial, just jump in head-first and try it all out. Hopefully you’ll be able to do the first set of low-level instances before the trial runs out.

    All the grunting and yelling is actually very cool! Captains especially are known for all their shouts, which either trigger an ability or a buff. Minstrels and Guardians have some as well. A few months after launch, Turbine listened to a vocal minority who didn’t like the shouts and muted everyone. How stale it all felt when all these characters had a “shout” skill that suddenly just made a fairly quiet sound effect? Luckily that didn’t last long.

  8. Something I wonder about is why do you play these games?

    Your blog is filled with posts about how you are bored with WoW, how you are addicted to alts, and how you don’t like guilds.

    It seems you like the “newness” of the experience rather than the getting good and learning something to it’s fullest potential.

    What is not meeting your expectations?

    Why do you play?
    What are you looking for?
    What do you hope to find in LOTRO that you didn’t find in WoW or EQ2?

  9. Keeping in mind I just woke up, so forgive if I ramble incoherently, I’ll take a small stab at an answer to Dasher.

    In a sense I suppose it could be an aspect of the Explorer player type; the type who enjoys “exploring” different aspects of the game mechanics themselves. That means to fully explore those, you have to play all the different classes to fully understand what they do and how they work, which therefore helps you come to a fuller understanding of how you (and they) could have a better sense of synergy when grouped with those classes.

    Several times I’ve created that first character in a game, (does that officially mean it’s my “main” just because it was first?) played for awhile, then created an alt that ‘clicked’ with me even more than the first one, so it becomes my “main.”

    That same “need” for “exploring” also takes you to other games, because while all DikiMUD-related MMO’s do the basics in a very similar way, making it easy to make the transition from game to game, they also make small changes here and there. Sometimes those changes appeal more to an individual player so they suddenly prefer the new game. Sometimes it’s simply the setting. Sometimes they’ve simply been there, done that with the old game.

    That very much describes my WoW experience before TBC. Several alts, three raiding characters, I was raiding every night off, farming during the day to pay for repairs and raid consumables, and also closed TBC beta during the day. I’d pretty much seen the majority of the content areas, saw what WoW had to offer, and had zero desire to do it again. So I put my time in on the beta, submitted all the feedback I possibly could, and on launch day I canceled my WoW account — I was done with it.

    You mention sticking it out to get “good” at it, but what exactly is there to get “good” at? Every couple levels you get another skill to stick on your hotbars. You click them, you learn what it does and when it’s useful. Hopefully at some point players will learn the difference between solo play dynamics and group dynamics. I’ve also played the tank and healer and arguably those are the only ones that take actual practice and paying attention to the big picture to “get better” at your role.

    Bottom line: people are individuals and as such, have individual preferences. You may like Vanilla ice cream, I may prefer Rocky Road. Neither can force the other to like the other flavor. We can either be the equivalent of forum trolls and call each other names, or we can say “Hey, ya know what? At least we both like ice cream, that’s cool.”

  10. Dasher, you have a very valid question.

    To start with, I have a 70 Mage on Darkspear, I’ve got two epic flying mounts, one is a Nether drake, a good fair amount of purple epics, some of them are PvP rewards, and with the exception of some Higher end content, I’ve done just about everything in the game. So, I would say I’m pretty good at WoW and I’ve seen most of its potentpotential.

    I play alts, because I want to new game feeling. But with alts, I’ve pretty much done all there is to do as far as quests. The Paladin is pretty fun character, which is why I’m digging that new feeling more that usual, but I fear, once I hit 70 again, it will become old hat and I’ll get bored again. Course, l’ve played just about every character up to the level of 40, with the exception of a priest, but that might be for later.

    My experience with Guilds is something new and like all bloggers, I like to bitch about things that are bothering me and the fact that my expectations for the higher end raiding guilds were much bigger than what I was getting is just another thing for my bitch list.

    I do usually tell the possible reader that the topic will be one of my rants right up top so they don’t get surprise halfway thru when I start to bitch about something. Obviously, if you have read them, you don’t have a big problem with them.

    To be honest, at times, when the fustration or bordem is high, I would love to just chuck it all out the window and delete the game, but I’ve invested way too much time, besides the fact that I still have great friends who I hang out with from time to time. So I just can’t let go, just yet.

    I have in the past. I played a shammy in EQ up to 41, which was a milestone at the time, and stopped playing cold turkey for 3 years, before a friend sent me a copy of EQ2 in the mail.

    Now, to take my mind off the fact that I’m paying for a game that pretty much doesn’t surprise me much anymore but still holds some sentimental value and memories, I spend some of my time looking for some kind of diversion to keep me busy.

    Lotro just happens to be the flavor of the week right now. Last year I tried Tabula Rasa and found it fun, but not very full filling, the same can be said for my time in CoH. I did find some a few fun people in CoH, but I just wasn’t feeling the vibe as the young people say.

    I honestly don’t know what I hope to find in Lotro that I’m not getting in WoW. I think I’m just looking for something different, a different community and a different experience. Or as Scott said, it could be the explorer in me.

  11. Ok, Scott, I’ve created two characters on Arkenstone, because I’m not a fan of lag, which I was getting on Brandywine.

    Dalarin is my human Captain, and Gweona is my Hobbit burglar. Two classes I didn’t really explore the first time out. I may create a third character cause my Captain is really skinny and that look is starting to bother me a bit. lol He looks like he hasn’t eaten in a month. Course, I did pick the body type lol.

    I’m hoping to give the game some serious play this weekend, but, as I stated before, I’ll probably just pick up the game so I can play at my leisure for 30 days. Which I’ll probably do Saturday.

    I’ll keep everyone updated. I do think the graphics are better than EQ2, but at times not as smooth as the WoW graphics. So its a happy medium. The captain is a nice class, so if I can get over the poorly picked body type, I’m sure I’ll have fun with it. I really do want to try a Dwarf Champion, which seems like a mix of my favorite two characters, a DPS class with good armor.

    More updates later in a post.

  12. I answered your email, feel free to befriend those characters. Unfortunately, while I’m actually off this weekend (that’s a rare thing, trust me) I’ll be taking a trip with my girlfriend for her parent’s anniversary. Apparently she volunteered me to serve wine? Hmph! Anyway, I’ll be in Middle Earth on both Monday and Tuesday, probably working up my Captain and/or Hunter during the day then grouping with the kinship with my Lore-master in the evenings.

  13. Thanks Scott, I did pick up the game today, so I’ll get the code in because I fear I won’t be able to make the 5 day trial work lol. I too will be out till next Thursday, but I’ll add those characters to my list.

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