Tuesday Rant!

My head just hasn’t been on straight for a few days.

 I was going to post something about Micro transactions but discovered that what I was going to say was pretty irrelevant, so I had to delete the whole thing.

Don’t you just hate coming up with a solid blog post only to discover how bad it is while your writing it and then having to scrap an hours worth of work. 

Its annoying, but I’ll live.

 Well, the only thing I can report is that my younger brother, Oakley has made it to 50.  Oakley is my Dwarf Paladin.

I have one thing to say, Paladin’s are awesome.  The last 10 levels have been a freakin blast.  But like every other character class in the game, with the exception of maybe huntards, you hit a wall around 28 and then don’t come out from behind it till your 42.

I have found that those levels aren’t actually very hard, they just seem that way.  You don’t get any really outstanding spells or attacks, so you end up being on the whipping end of most mobs.  But when you reach the 40s, you start to come into your own.  You start to really enjoy the class again.  I learned a lot over the course of those hard levels, and have learned how to manage mana and my spell attacks.

Now, I can usually take on 2 or 3 mobs without too much trouble and I don’t usually get too much grief from horde my level either, with the exception of a 47 rogue, which I had to camp with my 70 mage for about an hour, just to teach him a lesson.  Course, I had a few other 70 buddies come down as well, everyone loves a good slaughter.  We destroyed the horde town on the Hinterland coast, and just about anything in our way, but thats how we roll.  If you can’t kill lowbies, what good is a 70 main?  (I don’t want any flack about that, everyone on a PvP server hits a lowbie town every couple of months just to prove they are kick ass, its tradition.)

With the exception of a ganking and doing a few daily quests for some spending money, I’ve parked my main again.  My work schedule has pretty much put a hold on my kara runs.  The guild is kind of slowing down, which is good.

I do have an issue with a few members of the guild.  I’ve helped a good number of them level alts by running them thru instances and assisting with quests.  I never expected anything in return.  I usually help people because I like to help people, not because I want anything, but I had hoped that they would remember me if I ever needed any assistance in return.  But now that I am working up an alt, I’m not getting any kind of love in return, its almost like they don’t know me and these a people I have been playing with for over a year.  Course if your in the current click, you’ll get all the help you need.

Not to mention the fact its has become evident to a few of us, that these same people are only will to do heroics when there is a drop or rep grind for them in it, otherwise they aren’t willing to help or just ignore the people who need the help.  This little bit of drama has been bugging me for over a month now, with I’m sure no end in sight.  I even mentioned the issue to one of the main problem childern, but its made no dent.  I still get no offers of help or any assistance at all.

Its just fustrating.  I want a guild to be more than a collection of individuals where their main concern is their own self interests.  What I wished for and haven’t gotten is a guild where everyone helps or tries to help everyone else, with out a personal agenda.  But I have a friend that considers a guild to be a collection of people that are there for his use, when needed, because he says, thats the way everyone else in a guild views it. 

Again, I guess I’ve got the idea of guilds all wrong.  I viewed them as more like a social network, not a temp agency.  But I guess  some people only think of guilds as a  stepping stone, and when they have made the climb up, they go to the next step.  Which usually means another guild.

I seem to always be negative on the idea of guilds. lol  I’m not, but I feel I just haven’t come to the realization that guilds, no matter how friendly the people seem, are just a collection of people working towards their own personal goals. 

More later.


~ by oakstout on March 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Rant!”

  1. I read your deleted post, it escaped via the RSS feed and I’m looking at it right now on Google Reader.
    It’s not that bad 🙂

    The idea of limiting how much you can spend is a good one I think 🙂

  2. Yea, I just noticed it was still around. I still may repost it. But thanks for the comment. The reason I pulled it was, there are some games now that have are free, with Micro transactions and also have a subscription fee of 10.00 with the option to perform micro transactions. I felt it was a little silly to ask for something that was already in place.

    I’ve added it back to the blog with the edits.

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