The King and Me!

I have a really strange and bizarre idea I would like to share. 

Why can’t WoW create an election theme in the game?

 I mean, they have a version of most holidays, Halloween, Christmas, and Oktoberfest just to name a few.  What I’m suggesting is something like, “King For a Day” or “Mayor for a Week”.  You can get people to register  a candidate by having people sign a petition, similar to a guild charter, but  make it 50 people instead of 10 and charge 10g for an application fee.  This would make it more realistic.  I mean, it seems that only the rich can run in real elections anyway.

You would then be able to pay a npc town cryer at each of the major cities to shout your name and slogan, like, “Oakstout for King.  He is short, but his wisdom is great!”. They could also advertise the candidates by using posters or road signs.  All of this would cost lots of money, but would be a great way to drain cash from some of the richer people on the servers, because the more money you spend and the more your candidates name gets out in front of the public, the better chance of getting elected. And instead of taking in contributions, which would screw up the whole tracking down gold farmers that send money thru the mail system, all a candidate would have to do is just register his slogan at a specific vendor and supporters could just come by, purchase the sign or poster they wanted to put up.  This way people can contribute in their own way.

Once a reasonable group of candidates was selected, everyone would get a ballot in the mail, they could check mark their candidate and mail it back.  That way, Blizzard could count the ballots and announce the winner in a few days.  Not that it would be fair, I mean, Blizzard would probably have their own candidate in the race and he or she would most assuredly get elected.  I mean, wouldn’t be the first time an election got rigged or Blizzard screwed its player base.

So what would be the reward for being “King For a Day”?

You could get a scepter and crown, probably epic, that had some kind of interesting effect, like making a crowd of people cheer for you.  They could name a street or building after you in an upcoming expansion, like “Oakstout Way”, or “Oakstout Public Works” building  Maybe, you could get a really nice mount or even a chariot for limited use.  Course, the whole affair would be for just one day,but people on the server would know who you are. 

They could even take a picture of your character and put it on a wall inside Stormwind or Ironforge.  Course, they would only run the event every 4 years, and the office wouldn’t hold any real power, but it would cost the player tons of money and time, but it wouldn’t be the first time players waste time grinding for silly rep.


~ by oakstout on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “The King and Me!”

  1. Do you want to know why they wouldn’t do it? It’s very simple, they would get censored out of China the next day.
    They don’t like no elections there…

  2. True, not every country that has subscribers to WoW would approve of a democratic process. This is why its not “President for a day”, it would be “King for a day”.

    WoW already has a capitalist ideaology, the auction system, which I’m sure doesn’t exist in a lot of countries either.

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