Just plain sick; not tired!

Well, its been a while hasn’t it?

Last week I was in the great city of New York.  Lucky for me, work had a little bit to do with that wonderful trip.  It was a week of firsts.  First time I had ever been to New York and the first time in 30 yrs I’ve been on a plane.  One experience was fun, the other was not.  I might enjoy the occassional griffin ride, but I don’t like flying!  But I endured because the idea of visiting New York on someone elses dime, was just something I had to do. lol

My trip was lots of fun.  We actually stayed in a hotel right next to  Central Park  It was also only a few blocks from Times Square and Broadway.  I’ve got a few pics of me and the guys from work, which can be viewed here

I have to say that I really liked New York.  I wouldn’t want to live there full time, but for someone that grew up in the small town of Sumter, SC, New York was just awesome experience. 

But my trip to New York would spawn a whole other issue upon my return home.

I got sick.  Just your regular run of the mill, pain in the ass, cold. Apparently riding on a plane with a sick co worker can cause you to become sick too and it has been kicking me in the butt ever since my arrival back home. Been to the doctor and got some drugs which is all good, but with colds like mine it will just take time and patients.

I have also discovered that I have another ailment, Alt-itis.  I’ve been working on my dwarf Paladin for a few weeks now and he’s turning out to be loads of fun.  There are tons of new quests in Duskwallow Marsh that I’m finally getting the chance to experience.  Course he is pretty twinked out.  I mean, how many level 36 run around with Crusader on their main weapon? lol

Because of work and the sickness, I’ve been unable to make any Kara runs due to the fact that they run till late in the evenings, but a bunch of us did manage to run thru ZG yesterday and pretty much demolished the instance.  It was the first time I had been in there and I have to say, Blizzard did a great job designing it. 

Some of us are hoping to do a few more old world dungeons like Onyxia and maybe even AQ20.  With everyone in the guild being geared out, its fun to romp and stomp thru some of the instances we didn’t get to  see back before BC.

Thats pretty much it.  I’ll try and post some more this weekend if time permits.


~ by oakstout on February 26, 2008.

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