The Epic Battle for Purple!

epic.jpg I was listening to SUWT 19 and an interesting discussion came up.  The topic is not new, several people have covered it.  But, I truly believe, I have come up with the right answer to the age old question.

What is the best way to get Epic items? Do I have to raid?  Can I just earn honor and turn in marks?  Why does it have to be so hard?

Actually those are several questions and none of them are really old, but I digress.  Many people complain that raiding isn’t for them, but they don’t want to get left out of the wonder of epic-ness that is end game. So I have decided to present several ideas on the subject to ease peoples minds. 

There have always been those that argue against the idea of raiding for epic items.  Its too time consuming.  You have to block off several hours to participate, and you have to raid several times a week just to get the items you really need.  Not to mention the competion for drops in 10 man and 25 man raids.  There is too much “grinding” involved to make it worth the effort.

This is the reasoning players use for not raiding. 

Is raiding a good way to get epics?  I’ve been in Kara for 2 weeks, 3 runs a week. It’s time consuming, you spend lots of money for repairs and your not always going to get an item that drops.  But I have gotten several really great upgrades.  I’m hanging with some wonderful people.  We ran this past week and killed 5 bosses without wiping once.  A good time was had by all.  So for the most part it’s was not an unhappy experience, but I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone. 

So, I’m sure the next question is, do I have to raid to get epic gear?  Not at all.

Another very creative way is by purchasing items in Shat (also known as Shatner City) with heroic badges.  These badges drop off bosses in the heroic and raid instances.  Blizzard has also introduced a daily Heroic quest and upon completion, which usually means killing the end boss of a particular heroic instance, you will receive an extra 2 badges with some cash. 

 Again, this all takes time. 

A player would have to “grind” a few heroic instances over a couple of weeks to get enough badges to purchase something that’s a real good upgrade.  Then the trouble of finding a competent group of people to run with can be an issue.  The the level of difficulty now comes into factor.  They aren’t called heroics because they have bunnies.  A heroic, even an easy one, can take you up to an hour or more to complete on average depending on how badly under geared your group is. So, its got the same appeal as a raid group, but with less drama and people. lol

But there are still more choices if your looking to upgrade to the purple.  PvP is a very popular.  Many say this is much easier than raiding or dungeon crawling for loot.  But is it truly that easy?

A lot of players prefer to PvP for honor and marks. Once the right amount of both is achieved, a player can use them as currency to purchase really nice Epic gear.  But as someone that has done this as a cheap way to grabbed the Purples, its not an easy task to achieve.  You still have to “grind” the honor and the marks. 

Usually, this consists of blocking a large amount of time, course it can be done in short bursts over several weeks, but time must be consumed in order to achieve this goal as well.  Like raiding, you could end up not getting the marks very quickly if you get a tard bunch in the BG with you.  Trust me, AB is the worst place to try to gather marks.  I ran 12 AB’s in a day and only won 1.  I hear people say this is a fast way to get gear, but to me, it seemed slow as molasses.

So, PvP isn’t for everyone.  Its time consuming and it takes real patients to keep going and going, especially if your on a losing streak.

The final way of obtaining gear is thru a trade skill.  Most crafting trade skills have recipes to craft Epic items.  Again, this is time consuming and lots of “grinding” for mats.  You run an instance where the epic recipe will drop and it usually takes several times to get it to drop.  Once you have that in hand, you’ll have to head back into the heroic instances to get the precious Primal Nether, which is the main ingredient in most crafted epics.  The nether usually drops off the end boss.  Then, if your not already rolling in gold, you have to farm all your mats, which on a PvP server can be rough and again, time consuming. But if you have the cash or a friend that loves to farm primals, the you’ll be pretty much set.

I have done all of the above.  I have gear I’ve crafted, turn in badges for, gotten of mobs in raid instances and obtained thru PvP.  I have come to one conclusion, they are all pretty much the same. 

They all take up far too much of your time.  Granted, some of the time can be done in small doses as opposed to large chunks, but time is what it will always take.  Grinding a BG for marks or honor is no more laborious than grinding for mats, badges or raid drops.  It just depends on if your a people person or a solo artist and what your daily endurance for tollerance is.  You can’t say one is worse than the other, because they all have their pros and cons and in the opinion of this blogger they all pretty much suck at times.

But you can’t have Blizzard just hand over the awesome stuff to you on a silver plater.  How much fun would that truly be?  They want you to be proud of your accomplishments, like any parent would be of their offspring.  They want the player to struggle in order to make the reward worthy.  The reason they are epic items is because an epic hurdle must be over come in order to recieve the prize. 

I don’t think any one obsticle is harder than the other, they each have different challenges that must be over come and endured.

So it just comes down to preference.  Which path do you enjoy struggling along in order to get the coveted purple prize?


~ by oakstout on February 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Epic Battle for Purple!”

  1. Just to clarify one thing.

    There is no right answer to the age old question, which is a better way. That was the point I was trying to make, the question becomes moot when you have so many good and viable ways to get Purple Epics.

    Each road has the same amount of difficulties and triumphs.

  2. I’m curious, what would you like to see?

    The ability to get purple items without putting a lot of time in?
    Without having to accomplish something?
    What if drop rates were much higher and you could get purples just by killing greenies in Hillsbrand?

    What would you do in WoW if there was nothing to go for?

    The fact that there are things to get and work for is why people play WoW.

  3. Actually Dasher, I like all three ways. The point I was trying to make is that everyone seems to think one way is better over another, or they want them to be the same difficulty so people that PvP aren’t getting gear any easier than people who do raids.

    I think the developers of WoW did a great job of providing a way to get epics for everyone. A way for the PvP, PvE and the crafters to all get their purple items.

    But if I had to chose one that was my least favorite, I would have to say PvP-ing for gear was tiresome at best. People tend to be about the ME when it comes to PvP, as opposed to those raiding, who are conscious of the ME factor, but with a Us factor driving them. To get to the boss that drops your item, you have to make sure the group doesn’t all die repeatedly.

    In PvP, everyone is after the same goal, Honor or Marks, but they don’t seem to be able to agree how to go about it or even care about success as long as they get whats coming to them at the end of the battle.

  4. If you are going to edit other peoples post, say that you edited it. That is not the post I left.

  5. Sorry Dasher,

    I don’t edit or delete anyones posts unless by accident. If I have done so, please resubmit your opinion and I’ll make sure it appears on the blog.

    I am huge on free speech, otherwise why would I even blog. If I have omitted or changed anyones post, understand that it was by accident or under heavy medication to the point where I may have been out of my mind.

    I will edit however anything offensive, but content and ideas I will not edit.

    I am sorry that happend and I promise, Dasher that it won’t in the future.

    Please feel free to post again anything that may have been omitted in a previous post.

    Again, sorry to all my readers.

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