Change is a good thing? :P

For sometime, I’ve been somewhat unhappy with the look of the site.  The title of the blog “Oakstout’s Mindless Blender” seemed strange, silly and a rather spur of the moment title for a blog.   In fact all of those descriptions are true.  I really hadn’t thought the whole thing out.  I was looking at blogs one minute and the next I was signing up with wordpress.  How can anyone be expected to come up with a great name for a blog in a matter of minutes. I mean it could be worse, I could have called it “Oakstouts Fresh MMO Meat“. 

This little issue had been bothering me for sometime and I decided to do a little changing today!

The site will be hince forth be known only as Oakstout (thats me by the way!) I have changed the look a little bit and decided to finally update my blogroll with a few of my favorite bloggers.  I’ve been meaning to pimp them on the site for a while, so get ready to be pimped, Ramblings of a Bildo, P0tsh0t, and Kill Ten Rats

Since I’m in a pimping mood, I’d like to mention one of my favorite podcasts, Shut up we’re talking.  You can find the latest rantings hereDarren has managed to produce several really great shows.  If you haven’t givin it a listen yet, I would highly recommend it.  If you blog about MMO’s a lot, maybe they will mention you or even get to a guest host.  Me, I’m too shy. Course, I don’t just listen to the cast to see if they mention my site. (course it never hurts either!)

Its been a few months since I started this blog and I’m really happy that people are actually reading it, and they aren’t even real life friends.  I hope to continue reporting on my adventures in WoW and other things I can rip off from the people in my blogroll.

I also have some great news.  The guild issue that I reported on yesterday has pretty much cleared its self up.  We were able to inform “Upper Management” that a majority of us were not happy with their hasty decision to disband group 3.  The good news is that they have now reconcidered the previous decision and are in fact not going to dissolve the group.  They understand that it’s a game and they want everyone in the guild to be happy.  Course, as I already know, you can’t make everyone in a large guild happy.  This time, I was glad that it was me and group 3.

As “Upper Management” and I have learned, its never a good idea to be hasty when making an important decision.  That includes dissolving raid groups or naming your personal blog.

So, I’m hopeful that this shoe will fit after all.

The End?


~ by oakstout on February 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Change is a good thing? :P”

  1. Thanks for the mention…

    btw, doesn’t mapper how shy you are, I’ll still come knocking at some point 😉

  2. …crap…of course I meant “matter”, not “mapper”


  3. Sure. LOL

    Apparently my ploy at being shy didn’t work. lol

  4. Thanks for the pimpage, Oak!

    And I’m glad the shoe fits for now as well.

    Keep up the regular posting! It’s nice to see the blog becoming active again.

  5. I had been kind of slack there for a while. My health had gotten me a bit down in the dumps, but I’m glad to be feeling better…no thanks to clueless doctors lol

    By the way, Acid Reflux, Sux.

    Anyway, I be able to make a few postings a week now, unless I’m away due to work, which will be the case after today till Sunday, but I’ll have my Ipod with lots of good shows to listen too and keep up with.

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