Lasers Vs Swords

There have been several blogs out there recently, too many to list here, about why there isn’t any good Scifi MMOs.  Why is everyone making Fantasy their first choice when making or playing an MMO.  I think I may have an answer.  Althought it might be kind of out there.  But if  you just remember that I’m crazy , then this should be painless.

Back in the 50’s, space travel was new and strange to everyone.  There were tons of movies and Tv shows that used space travel as a common theme.  This continued thru the 60’s and 70’s with shows like Star Trek, Lost in Space, Space 1999 and others.  Even “I dream of Jeannie” which used magic, had a central character who was an astronaut. Even a majority of the Twilight Zone shows involved space travel as a theme.  There was no fantasy, other than Tolkien at the time and space was the new frontier.

Today, we live in a sci-fi world, where you have televisions the size of a wall, phones that play videos, cars that run on electricity.  People don’t stay glued to the televison to see when the next rocket will launch into space like they did in the 60’s.  These things are no longer science fiction but science fact.  I generally believe that when people play games, they want to escape their normal lives, to be in a world that is unlike their own.  Fantasy gives them that escapism.  They want to be knights, mages and elves.  They want to explore a world that they can’t recognise and be something different.

I am not saying that sci fi games can’t succeed, I am saying that people crave the unknown and fantasy gives them that.

See that wasn’t so bad.  If your brain still hurts, I’m truly sorry.


~ by oakstout on February 1, 2008.

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