Who said that?


Sorry to post three times in one day, but I finally got a day off work and decided to clean out all the half written stuff in my drafts box.  Its really tough finding such insightful things to write about.  I read lots of blogs and wonder why aren’t all these people who blog every single day not writing a book or something lol.

I have tons of wonderful ideas, but have trouble A) finding the time to put anything down, or B) finding the motivation to put anything down because I’m so busy gaming.  I try not to rant, but a lot of times games just make you so fustrated that you have to spill your pain out onto the web in buckets.  But I think that is inherent in all gamers as I list the following example.

Apparently, Martha MacCallum with Fox Live Desk, decided to take an uninformed position concerning the game, Mass Effect.  Her position, and I am paraphrasing, was that the “new video-game shows full digital nudity and sex.“ .  The word “Sexbox”was seen flashing up on the screen during the whole time they were discussing this issue.  Apparently, Mrs. MacCallum failed to even play the game. 

 “Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornoraphy,”MacCallun said later.  Well the one thing you never want to do is piss off a bunch of gamers.

Apparently, the gaming community fired back, by heading over to Amazon and writing really bad reviews for her book, “The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever”….

“By Friday afternoon 412 of the book’s 472 user reviews were the lowest possible rating, one star. Another 48 ratings were for two stars. Only 12 of the ratings were for three stars or higher. In addition, 929 Amazon users had tagged the book with the keyword “ignorant.” Tied for second place with 744 tags were “garbage” and “hypocrisy,” while “hack” and “hypocrite” tied for fourth place with 710 votes. Gamers have also attacked the book on the Barnes & Noble Web site.”…

All of this has forced MacCallum to back track and admit that the game is not pornographyI have not personally played the game, but from what I have heard, out of the 30 – 40 HOURS of game play, there is maybe 1 minute of nudity and if you blink you would probably miss it.  The game is in fact rated M for Mature, meaning for adults not kids.

 The whole article can be read at the New York Times On line

The problem with society is that people aren’t well informed.  Media in general wants to go for the quick story with lots of fireworks, instead of doing some simple research.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t invite any gamers or any representivies of  EA to discuss their position about the game.  It boggles the mind sometimes to wonder with attitudes like Mrs. MacCallum’s how we ever made it out of the stone age.


~ by oakstout on January 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who said that?”

  1. Well it Fox news……

    But most new station no longer really report the news, they have certain view points that they will report over others.

  2. True, the news is pretty much slanted towards more of an entertainment value rather than a news related one. I just thought it was interesting how gamers united and really showed the media what they thought of sloppy journalism to the point where they actually had to say, “We screwed up”

    I love stories like that.

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