Xbox 360 Goodness


Yesterday I finally was able to purchase an Xbox 360 Pro.

I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have a chance at one till late May, the way they sold out of stores this holiday season. One minute Best Buy had tons, the next, Whoossh, they are all gone. Thats ok, because I picked it up at Target. lol

I got the version that comes with two free games, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza 2. It also comes with a 20gig hard drive and a free trial month of their Gold service.

The Silver service comes standard with all of their systems, course with it you can’t play online games, but that might not be so bad since I suck at most sports type games anyway. I’m also not a huge fan of FPS games on consoles, due to the lack of keyboard and mouse support.

Everything seems to be running smoothly. It tends to be a little on the loud side, but I do have it on top of my computer desk, making it closer to ear level, but I can probably live with that bit on inconvenience.

I don’t have an HD-TV yet so I’m running it on a standard signal, which for the most part looks great on my 10 yr old TV. It runs DVD’s much better than my PS2. You can actually adjust the black level coming out of the Xbox 360, which can improve the way a movie looks on the screen tremendously.

The audio level output is better than the PS2. I’ve often had to drive the volume to the max when playing stuff off my PS2, which sucks when you switch back to watch your favorite TV shows, that are now louder than a Van Halen rock concert. So again, much improvement over my PS2.

The thing that really bugs me is that the system comes with a 20 gig hard drive. Well, like most new “computers” its packed full of useless crap. When I finally got around to checking how much actual space I had, it was just around 9 gigs.

Come to find out, the system was loaded with lots of different videos, four of them happen to be Halo 3 trailer videos. Microsoft had also pre-installed a few game demos and trial arcade games just so you’ll have more to play I guess. So after deleting a good many of games and videos I gained a few gig in the process. Not sure what I’ll need all that space for, but its nice to know I have reclaimed some land in the name of Oakstout.

The really great part is the XBox Live Arcade. After clearing some space, I managed to venture to the arcade area and download a few more trial versions of games that would interest me. Being an old guy that really interests me because some of them are remakes of classics like Pac-man or Joust. But as most trial versions they stop working after one level or they have a time limit per session, still its a nice way to try before you buy.

I haven’t purchased a full version game yet, but I’ll be picking up a points card today and start downloading games. Thats another thing, the networking is pretty seamless on the Xbox compared to all the trouble I went thru to get my PS2 working. Course, if anyone knows how to do networking, its Microsoft.

But never fear, I have not giving up my World of Warcraft or my TF2. Besides, the batteries in the controller will only work for 10 or so hours, or at least I found that out the hard way yesterday. Lucky for me, I did pick up a rechargeable battery and charger, so I wasn’t down for long.

A few really nice aspects about the Xbox 360 that I don’t really see mentioned much is that the controller, if set down for a few minutes, will actually turn itself off. Also, if the Xbox is inactive for a period of time, the TV screen will dim, also another nice feature I haven’t heard about while researching systems. I’m sure when it was first released it was mentioned but I think they are good selling points that need to be talked about more.

Well thats it for now. If your an Xbox 360 owner and want to add me to your friends list, its Oakstout.

Also anyone out there playing TF2 or any other steam game, you can add me to your Steam list as well, that ID is: }}Oakstout{{


I’ve been reading the Disc World books by Terry Pratchett of late. I had tried getting into them many, many years ago, but I just couldn’t seem to find either the time or the patients. But during the past holiday season, I managed to watch a British production of “HogFather” on ION. Not sure what that channel is all about, but it shows some interesting stuff. Anyway, I really liked the story and decided to give Pratchett another try.

The first book, Color of Magic, moves kind of slow, but if you can make it to the end, you’ll end up enjoying it. The next book, The Light Fantastic, is actually the best part of the series so far, remembering that I’ve only read the first book. It concludes the adventures in the first book and does it very well I must say. The style of writing is similar to Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guild series, bits of modern day humor mixed into very nice adventuring. But both styles are also very dissimilarl, because the humor is very different but unique.

The news I wanted to share is actually sad news. After I had finally gotten to the point of really enjoying these books, I heard that Terry Pratchett had been diagnosed with a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s. This is a sad state. The world lost Robert Jordan not to long ago and now Mr. Pratchett has taken ill. He is taking the news “fairly philosophically” and “possibly with a mild optimism.” The world can only hope that he can continue expanding his great work of art for as long as possible.


~ by oakstout on January 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Xbox 360 Goodness”

  1. Hey Oak,

    I recently got a 360 as well. When I get Live up and running I’ll drop you a line, mate.

  2. Great! So far I’ve picked up Geometry Wars and Crackdown. I also picked up Ninja Gaiden black, which is you have the 20gig hard drive model you can just about buy any of the old Xbox original games, all you have to do is download the patch to make it compatible.

    The Live Arcade is the best part of the system so far. I’ll have to get a Gold account after this month just to play games online, but it will be worth it. Much cheaper than WoW monthly account lol

  3. I’m actually really looking forward to MMOs on the console now… Conan had better be awesome. 🙂

  4. I almost forgot! I’m on Live now. JoBildo is my gamertag. Look me up!

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