Happy New Year

Well, Christmas was great!

Managed to pick up a few awesome games:

The Orange Box.  A very awesome package of games that I would highly recommend.  Portal and TF2 are worth the price of the box just by themselves.

Call of Duty 4.  Managed to pick this up with some Christmas money.  I wasn’t going to even get it, but during the holidays, I was helping my brother-in-law install it on some old piece of junk machine he had and the game still looked awesome.  I said, I wonder what that game will look like on my new system, and it is jaw dropping.   I would have gotten it even if they didn’t have a multiplayer side of the game, but thats just icing on the cake.

So after buying the above games, I had a little christmas money left.  One of the things I’d been thinking of was to get either a Nintendo DS lite or a PSP.  I’ve even visited a few gaming forums, specificity Player One, which is one of my favorite podcasts to by the way, to get a more educated opinion as to which I should buy.  Well, both systems pretty much tied.  It really comes down to games.  Both systems had positive and negative aspects, just as most systems do, but from what everyone on the forum said, as a perspective buyer of either system, you had to consider which had the games that appealed to you and would be willing to play for hours when away from your computer. lol  But then, I remembered that when away on from my computer, I’m usually on vacation or out of town working.  And if thats the case, it would take away from the whole point of being away from any kind of gaming, specificity if I’m spending time on vacation with my wife. lol  So, I bailed on the whole portable gaming system idea.  It just didn’t seem practical.  Sometimes you just have to disconnect.

Instead, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to save up a few more dollars and get an Xbox 360.  Well, when I’m home I’m usually playing on the computer, so I’d be switching one vise I already have for another. lol  Besides, I’m sure I can find a few wife friendly puzzle games to get her involved in the system as well…  I hope.  If not, we do have plans to pick up a Wii when money allows and they actually have them in stock.  Which as it turns out, is also a problem I’m having buying a Xbox360.  They are all sold out.  Which is good, because I still need to save up a few dollars.

Well, I’ll keep everyone up to date on when I get the Xbox360, so that those that do read my poor little blog can help me get on their friends lists lol.


I had been working Oakstout, my warrior, and he is level 67 now.  He’s actually been back on hold for a week as I try and get some PvP gear for my mage.  As it so happens, some of the really nice DPS gear can be purchases with honor and a few marks.  So, I’ve been grinding out the honor.  Managed to pick up a few pieces so far and my DPS has shot up.  I’m actually trying a few different specs, but once I start raiding in earnest again, I’ll probably head back to full frost.  For now, I’m back with my favorite Arcane/Frost spec.

PvP isn’t for everyone.  Its very fustrating now that Blizzard has formed Battle group servers and you get people that really could care less about winning.  The strange thing is some days its easy to win and others you feel like banging your head against the wall would be better than running another Arathi Basin. lol But you have to put up with it to get the honor and the marks so you’ll be able to get the gear.

The hard thing is convincing people that if you win, you get more of both.  But some people are just content to run around doing nothing for the little bit they can get, instead of reaping a larger reward with some cooperation and effort.  I’m not sure if its laziness or just a lack of understanding as to how you win, but its so frustrating.

I’ve also discovered that calling upon a GM in the game is a joke.  I’ve opened up several tickets to voice my opinion and the general response I get is, we are working on it, or thats within the parameters of the game, or everyone at Blizzard does it so its ok.  Had a friend complain that he was shorted 1k on his estimated honor.  They basically said, “Oh well”.  I mean, if honor is estimated, thats fine, but how can the estimate be off by 1k?  Thats like crazy.  I just can’t think of how that could be right.  Anyway, they wouldn’t give him back the honor and he said, screw you. lol  I say, good for him.  I mean, I had great response from GM’s in Everquest.  I just want to know why, with all the money they are pulling in, Blizzard’s is so crappy.  I mean, cut the happy attitude and solve my problem.

Anyway, that was an unexpected rant.  Hope to have more later this week.


~ by oakstout on January 2, 2008.

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  1. The estimated calculations for honor can be WAY off quite often. This is because the estimates don’t take the diminishing returns into count. So if you end up killing the same guy 20 times over the course of a bg grind each kill counts for 10% less than the one before it, eventually hitting 0. If you’re running into two or three of the same people every bg the estimate can quickly grow.

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