New things!

Well, I downloaded a 3 day trial of Tabula Rasa thanks to PVTHUDSON over at Wife Aggro. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but the more I play the more interested I am in the game. I’ve already made it to my first Clone point, level 5 and my clone is the one I’ve been playing the most. Took me a while to figure out a few important things, like storing gear in your footlocker so your clone will have stuff, man, that can bite you on the arse if you don’t know that bit of knowledge.

First impressions? Well, I can see myself playing this more than CoH. Don’t get me wrong, CoH is cool and the character customization is awesome, but there is just something fun and privative about shooting a bunch of aliens with your double barrel shotgun. The game is laid out pretty well and its easy to get the hang of it. I didn’t download any manual so I just ran around and figured a good bit out on my own. The learning curve isn’t too high and I can say this because my I.Q is really just above a box of animal crackers. Some stuff will get you confused, like the whole Assault/Defense Tokens, where the quest givers and quest returners are because the icon is pretty much the same, with small differences. But after playing for a few hours, I figured it out. The action is non-stop, which is pretty nice.  There is a lot of strategy involved so its not just running around and killing stuff.  Different weapons to do different types of damage and some mobs are immune to some attacks, so you have to switch up on the fly.  One weapon will lower their shields faster, once thats down, you’ll switch to a weapon for all out damage.  Then there are lots of powers you can use to augment your attacks, as well as grenades, mines and med kits.

The graphics are great and don’t seem to slow down my machine even on the highest quality, but there did seem to be some video tearing as I moved around, not sure what was causing that issue.  I did find the lag annoying at times, but its not too bad.  Its just hard to gun and run when the lag is up and your not sure if you’ve killed the mob or he has killed you.  Some mobs would stand up straight after being killed during the lag, but it didn’t hamper any quest updates, and once lag cleared I would get the credit.

I still have lots to learn.  Not sure I’m really hip on the whole Logos idea, but I’ve kind of figured it out to some extent.  It is a very creative way to activate power up abilities for your character thru questing and exploring.  The title system, as in LOTRO, is fun and makes grinding more fun, not that there is really such a thing.   I’ve still got 2 days left on my trial and look forward to kickin some more alien arse. If it can keep me entertained for a few hours a day, I may just switch over and dump CoH, but only time will tell.

Thanks PVTHUDSON, because without your diligent blogging about TR and how much fun it is, I probably never would have picked it up. lol


~ by oakstout on December 17, 2007.

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