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The Great Oakstout

When I first starting playing World of Warcraft, I created a warrior. The warrior is a great first character for those that just like to beat things up. It’s just fun to run around, smash, bash and crash into mobs. They survive a lot better than most and can do a fair amount of damage. I managed to get Oakstout all the way to 60, Pre-BC. By then, a few of us that had taken up the WoW banner, talked a few more friends into playing, and were working on getting the Pre-BC end game content under our belts.However, like all things, we had gaps. When talking friends into playing a new game, especially one that requires a montly fee, its best not to talk them into playing a certain class. Its best to just let them pick what they want and roll with it.

After everyone picked out classes they felt comfortable with, we all started leveling a fast as we could, to get to the end content. But as always there was a problem. Out of the class mix we had, we didn’t have any mage, which is important because of crowd control issues in instances. Apparently no one wanted to blast people with fire or ice and turn mobs into sheep. Course at the time we didn’t have a warlock either, apparently cloth types weren’t the first classes everyone felt an affection for, we eventually had someone willing to play a priest, but that story is a long and confusing one that I will leave for later.

We already had someone, besides me, that was playing a warrior, so being a really nice, team player sort of person, I took it upon myself to park my main, ole Oakstout, and work on leveling a much needed mage. Besides, I had the only alt that was close enought that the challenge to get to 60 wouldn’t take a long time. Course I didn’t really feel like being the groups main tank, that was actual work not play to me, or so I thought at the time. I really just wanted to kill things and as a main tank, you basically just piss the mob off long enough for everyone else to kill it. But that is the readers digest version of tanking, or so I thought then.

So, Oakstout sat. And sat. And sat some more. Problem was, I really enjoyed playing the mage. The problem with clothy type characters is the hump. See until they get over that hump, around level 40 – 43ish, they are pretty much toast around most really hard mobs, you have to becareful how you pull and not to pull to much. But after the hump, they pretty much pwn anything they come across. So after reaching 60 with my mage, I just kept on working him. Then BC came out and I was hot to get Gwion up to 70 and try that end content. Now that I’m all decked out in epic gear, got my epic flying mount, able to do all the daily quests, I got bored. So, I dusted off the old sword and shield, or as a friend once said, the Sword and Board. lol And I brought Oakstout into the light of Outland.

I really missed my old friend Oakstout, but it wasn’t all happiness and sunshine. The learning curve going from playing a character that kills things from a distance to one that gets in the mobs face, smells his breath and counts his teeth is a bit more different than one would realize. Course, I became a little frustrated. Apparently there is a hump when coming over to BC with a character you haven’t played in about a year and a half as well. You have to relearn what all the attacks do, make sure you are in the right stance when using said attacks. and making sure you have the right gear equiped when doing said attacks. Apparently you need a shield in your hand to do Shield attacks, who can remember that after 2 years. Outfitter is an awesome mod to use with warriors. It swaps out gear when you change stances, when you are in a battle ground or when your just riding around.

Now when I started back up, I got some advise on changing over to an Off Tank spec. This spec was great for leveling up in Hellfire. Basically, ’cause I don’t remember all of it, you put the majority of your points in Arms, down till you get Mortal Strike, then fill up Protection till you get to Last Stand. Its the best of both worlds, you can do some serious damage and at the same time not be completely worthless if you need to do some tanking. I found some nice people that helped me run a few of the Hellfire instances, which netted Oakstout some great new gear. Along with some of the quest rewards in the Hellfire area, Oak started to shake some of the dust off and became a joy to play again.

This was great for a while, but whenever I was the Main Tank (MT) in an instance, I had trouble keeping full agro, those damn rogues can be troublesome with damage. Lucky for me, I usually did this kind of tanking with a few close friends, so we could laugh about dying while we ran back to our bodies, especially if I accidentally hit the wrong button. Remember I’m still thinking like a mage, sometimes lol. A friend of mine, who ran a warrior up to 70 suggested that I switch to full Prot Spec. I had thought about this, butI wasn’t really sure if I was going to like it. You see being a mage at heart, I just love damage. Damage, by the way, is what kills mobs, not standing around protecting yourself with a shield. So, what to do…because I really wanted to be a successful warrior with my eye down the road to maybe even being a main tank when I grow up.

So, I decided to re-spec again to full Protection warrior. Hurrah! Again, I wasn’t really sure this was a good idea, but at first it didn’t look all bad. I could keep agro, but the mobs died much slower now when I soloed and I tended to die when facing more than one opponent, which wasn’t happening before. But one thing I discovered about the new spec, its very gear dependent. Course that could be said of any spec, but more so with the Prot Spec. Once I increased my stamina a good bit, I discovered that I was kicking ass. I stayed alive much longer. (This is where Readers will be saying DUH!)

This was great and once I figuring out what attacks to cast when while in defensive stance, I could actually get the mobs down in a pretty short period of time. If I got on the right cycle of cool downs, I could pretty much pwn any casting mobs without losing any health. But this is all dependent on getting the right gear, stamina, stamina, stamina. In two levels, I’ve gained about 2k in health and its makes Oakstout really hard to kill now. lol (Again, This is where Readers will be saying DUH!)

I have yet to do an instance and I’m not sure how I will do holding agro, but I’m practicing as I solo, going thru all the moves I would if I was tanking thru a dungeon. I haven’t parked my main. Gwion still gets a pretty good work out doing daily quests to help support my warrior habit right now. I’m also trying to get a Netherdrake flying mount so faction grinding is another aspect of life. I’ve moved him to real raiding guild, and since most raids are scheduled this gives me plently of time to play my Oakstout on the side. By the way, if you haven’t played a warrior, I would highly recommend one. There is a bit of finesse involved with a warrior. Timing is everything. Working the right attack to hold agro and keep the mob stunned are part of every day live for a warrior. A good friend of mine actually said today that he never had the desire to play a warrior. I asked why and he said, “it was just to hard. You have to know how to tank just about every instance boss and you have to do it right or the whole party dies.”

Well I guess thats the challenge for me. I want to be a main tank for a large raiding guild. Since I’ve rediscovered that warriors kick ass. Especially…. OAKSTOUT


~ by oakstout on December 8, 2007.

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