Game over!

I was pondering.  How many gamers ever truly finish a game they purchase?

I’ve got three games I am currently playing, World of Warcraft, City of Villains, and Civ4.  That being said, I’m sitting here looking at all the games I’ve purchased in the last year, Pirates!, Command and Conquer 3, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, and World in Conflict, but I have yet to finish any of them, but should I feel guilty about that?

True, all of them are RTS games, which, you can just start, play a quick senerio and get back out.  But is doing a quick senerio actually finishing the game?  I’ve enjoyed my experiences and the games were fun while I played them, but did I get my moneys worth?  Sometimes, I think I purchase a game based on gamer pressure and good reviews.  If the game is something I would play, even occassionally, I’ll pick it up, if the reviews are good and enought gamers I trust give it a thumbs up. I’ll rush home, install it, and maybe play for 2 or 3 days.  Then it gets piled up on the other game boxes I have on my desk just to collect dust.  Most of the time, I don’t even look at the campaign that most of the RTS games come quip with.  I just hop in, figure out what to build, what to farm and how to kill my computer opponent in the quickest way, then move on to the next game.  But does that give the game a disservice?  Am I truly a gamer if I don’t explore ever aspect of a game?

I’m sure the company that manufactured the game really doesn’t care if I use it as a door stop or play it till my left finger bleeds from clicking the mouse so much.  I was just thinking, am I the only one that doesn’t finish a game?  Now, the only game I can truly say that I’ve finished to the end, is World of Warcraft.  I had a level 60 Mage and when the expansion came out I ran him all the way up to 70 as soon as I could.  So have I finished WoW?  Probably not, I still have raid instances to do, purple epic gear to get and lots of other characters to get to 70.  But do a majority of gamers, buy the MMO’s because its really a game that can’t be finished or can’t end?  Like a RTS senerio, you can, for the most part, jump into just about any MMO, play for an hour or so and then log off, feeling that you’ve entertain yourself enough for the day.

So the question goes out.  How many people finish a game and how many people jump from game to game in order to keep from getting bored?


~ by oakstout on November 26, 2007.

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