Why is there a cockroach in my game, or is that just another kind of bug?

The luster is starting to fade from my once shiny World of Warcraft.

The game is well crafted, well maintained and its easy to play.  (See, I even said Easy. lol )  They have millions of subscribers, which amounts to millions if not billions of revenue thats rushing thru their doors every day at Blizzard.  So, why am I starting to see more bugs in the last two weeks than I have seen in the last three years?

This past wednesday a friend and I  got together at Nether Wing in Shadow Valley to work on a few daily quests.  We decided to do the transporter fliers.  Basically, there are orcs on dragons that fly back and forth from the main land to the floating Dragonmaw island.  You catch them midway, kill them and collect relics off them for the quest turn in.  Normally this would be a simple task, but not that day.  Several of them where not flying on dragons, but swimming threw the air without them.  You could attack others, but they would fly off, only to circle around 5 minutes later and attack you, and of course that happened while you were engaged with another mob.  This made collecting the relics rather hard, especially since we both need 10 each to finish the quest.

So, I created a ticket.  Apparently, last wednesday was a slow day for the GM’s, they answered my call rather quickly, unlike the normal two or three days.  I describe the issue we are having, first the GM says, I don’t see the problem. Which I find hard to believe since I’m looking at a dragonless Orc swimming threw the air right above me.  Apparently, GM’s are not that Omnipotent as we are lead to believe.  Finally, the GM, figures out we are having problems and starts resetting a few of the mobs so we are able to kill a few.  Course, eventually, all good things must come to an end and they have to leave, apparently they aren’t suppose to stand around helping people all day.  So, we are unable to finish the quest, but I am told the problem will be looked into.  The GM has noticed the problem, agreed that with me that it is a problem, and it should be looked into.  This was Wednesday.

Fast forward 3 days.  I hop on Saturday evening after enjoying a few days of turkey and left overs.  I’m ready to finally finish that daily quest, the bugged one, having figured that the GM and game designers have noticed the problem, diagnosed it and probably fixed it, I should have no issues finishing the quest finally.  WRONG!  The Orc is still swimming around, the mobs are still evading and then circling back.  Same problem.  Now I know what your thinking, it was a holiday Oak, they probably all went on vacation.  But they have to understand that holidays when their traffic probably increases and the number of people playing during that time may actually double?  Which would mean keeping staff levels up and making sure people get something for their monthly fee?

So what do GM’s do all day if they aren’t truly fixing bugs?  I know they get a lot of spam and harassment calls.  But shouldn’t that be easy to fix and handle?  I’m sure its not for lack of hiring people.  Blizzard makes tons of money off me and countless others, why can’t they fix a simple thing like a bugged mob?   I’ve seen maybe one or two bugs in three years, but they usually fix it fairly quick, either by a patch or a server reboot.  I’ve heard people say that since this last patch, the bugs have been numerous.

I think all that money Blizzard makes is going to their heads.  They figure, why does it have to be a priority anymore to fix a simple bug?  We got them hooked on our crack now, its not like a little bug is going to stop earning us tons of money, so why even worry about it.  This is the same thing that plagued SoE with EQ.  Bugs started appearing, people started getting characters nerfed and people got a bad taste in their mouths.  Which is why everyone jumped onto the Blizzard band wagon.  If your customer service starts to suck, all your customers will start to leave.  I understand its only been three days, but even I know there is a problem and it needs to be fixed.  This promise of someone looking into it is great, but when a quest for faction and money gets fubar-ed then they need to get it straightened out quickly.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant.  I love blogging for that sort of thing.  If you play WoW and have noticed other bugs, let me know.


~ by oakstout on November 25, 2007.

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