RTS, the new FPS

NOTE:( This topic has been sitting in my draft bin for over a month now.  I present it to you now fully finished, finally. lol) 

I am a huge fan of RTS games. (I am a large person, but that isn’t what I meant my Huge!) Ever since Command and Conquer hit the market many centuries ago (Slight exageration there1). But one thing has always stood out in my mind since then. When I got CnC, I took it over to my parents house to show my father this fantastic game. Upon watching me play a battle, my father made a comment that has stuck with me ever since. He said, “You would make a terrible General.” This was right after I had built a huge army and flung them against the enemy base in the hopes of downing one simple cannon. I got the cannon, but lost all but maybe one or two of my men.

Since that time, I’ve played every version of Command and Conquer. I’ve played Warcraft, Starcraft and many many others. Each one with the same theme, build a base, mine resources, and beat the crap out of your opponent using as much force as you can muster in a short period of time.  Its Simple and to the point. And of course as time went on, everyone tried to make a better “mouse trap”. Meaning, as games progressed so did the different ways to play. Some had bonus troop cards, different technology trees, stranger than fiction units, futuristic settings, history based settings and different ways to plot out strategies. But in the end they all had the same basic theme listed above.

So, lets look at the now. World of Conflict is different. It has a single player mode, that helps you learn the game at your leisure, but you’ll mostly be playing the game in multi player mode. That is where all the fun and rewards are achieved.

As stated, this game is very different. To start with, you don’t have to build a base, harvest food, upgrade buildings for better units, progress up a technology tree. You simply pick the area of specialty you want to outsource your units from, i.e Armor, Air, Infantry or Support. You then get a specific amount of points, and with them you purchase your units for that match. As the match progresses and your units get destroyed, you’ll be able to purchase more and have them air dropped into battle.  If your units survive thru the battle they get promoted.  With every kill you get points towards “Superior Weapons” that can be dropped on the battle field quickly.  The biggest of these is a nuclear weapon that pretty much destroys a good bit of the map and leaves the area radiated for a long period of time.

If you don’t feel like using your points, they can be transfered to other players on your team.  If everyone on the team is transfering points to one person it builds up the possibility of a Nuclear strike a lot quicker.  Because the graphics are so awesome, when that strike happens you can see it from anywhere on the map in all its graphical horror.
The game is extremely fun and full of action.  It lets you drop right into the battle, quick and painlessly without all the resource building.  As you compete online, you’ll also achieve different medals for your deeds which is pretty interesting.  An example would be winning on a map as support for “X” amount of times nets you a medal.  Again, this is not your Dad’s RTS where you can set up a defensive stance and work on building up your army, your in the thick of it from the beginning, and its awesome.

Because of the graphical detail and the amount of action that takes place at any given time, the game has some pretty steep requirements if you want to see it in all its graphical glory.  I also believe if you have Vista you can get it in Direct X 10.  But if your a fan of RTS games and want to try something a little bit different, I would recommend this game right off.


~ by oakstout on November 25, 2007.

12 Responses to “RTS, the new FPS”

  1. I’m enjoying WIC very much but then I was always a fan of Massive’s other games, Ground Control 1 and 2. WIC takes all the lessons they learned from those two and cranks the eye candy to eleven.

    I’m horrible at RTS games too (spend too much time exploring the maps and watching things instead of micromanaging) but since Massive’s Action/RTS sub-genre lets me jump right in I think I enjoy those more.

  2. That is the best thing about this game, you can just jump in a play right away. The action starts the minute the game does, not like most RTS games, where you have to build up troops and a defense…unless your one of those Zerg people.

    I tend to like my RTS games a bit on the slow side, build up, get a great army going and then pound the crap out of the opponent..which for me is usually the computer. lol

    But this game is different, it feels more like a FPS. You just hop in, find the enemy and start killing.

  3. Keep an eye out for Tom Clancy’s Endwar on the 360 soon. It’s another RTS that says “to hell with base-building” and focuses on commanding troops. It’s also going to tackle that problem of generals (players) carelessly wasting the lives of their troops. It’s going to try to make you feel guilty about that by giving indiivdual units individual voices. They’re recording an insane amount of dialogue so that players will (hopefully) form a stronger sympathetic connection to troops. And the game’s controls will be driven by voice commands via the 360 headset.

    I can’t wait for this one. =)

    I might give WIC another look sometime. I prioritized other games. Maybe I’ll be able to try it in a month or two.

  4. I’ve been thinking about an Xbox 360, but I keep hearing bad feedback about the number of consoles that die. I also read this morning that some of the wireless steering Wheels are also defective and can start to smoke if plug into the AC adaptor.

    But that being the case, if I was to upgrade to a next gen, (I currently have a PS2) it will be a Xbox360, just for the ability to download arcade style games for 5 or 10 dollars.

  5. I’ve always wondered if good portion of the 360 owners who have had problems don’t take proper care of their systems. The 360 definitely has a design problem in that Microsoft opted to make it a certain size instead of giving it a good heatsink. But knowing that, you can be sure to keep it well ventilated, not on top of other heated equipment (like I’m sure many do), not in direct sunlight, etc. The over-heating is an avoidable problem, but I bet a lot of people continue to treat it like they did their old Nintedo consoles… laying it down on a rug or on their cable box.

    Anyway, if you do get a 360 at some point, my Live tag is hallower1980.

  6. I’ve always wondered if there was a website to track how bad the failure is with the Xbox360? I keep hearing that its over 20% of the models are failing. Thats not bad if you consider how many are on the market right now, but 2% would be much better.

  7. Blog Necromancy Alert!

    My 360 got the RROD (Red Ring of Death) in November but I was so busy with work over the holidays I forgot to send it in for repairs. I finally remembered about it last week! (It’s been boxed up in the closet) So I should have it back in a few weeks, either a repaired one or a new one.

    I forget the specifics of the RROD and am too lazy to look it up as I write this, but I think it had something to do with the original motherboard design? Gradually the heat would melt some of the IC’s and *poof* you have an expensive white doorstop with flashing red lights. MS re-designed the whole motherboard (also cooler and thinner now, if I recall) and changed the warranty to 3 years and free repair for RROD consoles (non-RROD repair is $99 USD).

  8. Clicked submit before I meant to but… sticking to the actual post topic, I still suck horribly at WIC. Probably because I get too absorbed into an MMO first, then an FPS second (BF2142 mostly) and just don’t have the attention span for the RTS genre afterwards. That and I’ll venture online and get spanked so hard — usually not even know WTF is happening — that I get discouraged.

    In other RTS news, have you checked out Sins of a Solar Empire yet? They just put out a demo, which I installed last night, but haven’t spent much time with it yet. I’ve never played EVE but it almost seems like EVE as an RTS without all the yawning over spreadsheet mechanics. But I’m sure an actual EVE player would scoff at that comparison!

  9. My Xbox 360 is the newest version, so I should be good. I don’t keep it on for tons of hours like I did with my PS2, so I should be good.

    I’ve not tried Sins yet, but I was unaware of the demo, so I may try it. It looks like similar to Supreme Commander or Home World. I have both those games, but the scale was so huge that it just seemed to overwhelm me, and I put them away. Which is why I like WIC, the scale is big, but the part you participate in is small.

    I’m going to download EVE online when I get back home this week and give that a try as well. It looks complicated, but the commerce aspect of it looks interesting. I use to play the table top game Mega Traveler back in the day, and the DM would let us do a lot of commerce, set up our own business, carry cargo, make money etc. It made the game interesting. So, I might give it a try.

    I’ve also been considering LOTRO, just to see if the gaming community over there is better than the crap I’ve been running into with WOW. Course, all my friends play WoW, but I’m willing to give another game a try, if I can find a decent guild that is friendly and helpful.

  10. I just can’t bring myself to do EVE. I’m sure it’s fun for those into such things, but I’m just not into the whole menu-based combat and all the boringness I read about.

    I’m a lifetime member of LOTRO which is great because it enables me to take breaks with no guilt! I just came back from a few month break, mainly because I was getting that hardcore-ish must.play.every.day feeling from WoW and I swore I wouldn’t let that happen again. I’ve lucked out and found the coolest kinship (guild) ever, we have such a fun time chatting and adventuring together. The community overall is quite mature, it’s nothing whatsoever like WoW was. The majority of the ADD/Tourette’s kids from WoW who bothered with LOTRO went back to WoW. Tolkien is very low-fantasy, and LOTRO is far more subtle and laid-back than WoW, so my perception is that most of the player base are, if not adults, certainly more mature.

    But, try the trial if nothing else. The whole low-fantasy thing is a bit of a shocker when you don’t have zones filled to the brim with murlocs and other high-fantasy creatures. The solo play is… well, it’s solo play. Solo is more boring even when it’s fun, if that makes sense? And you’ll be doing *lots* of very low-fantasy killing bears, boars and wolves for awhile until getting into some of the upper-ish zones. I’ve been going into Dol Dinen lately with my kinship which has elite orcs and trolls, those are a blast. The group content, especially the epic Book quests, are hands-down some of the best group content I’ve ever played.

  11. I’ve tried the trial and it was ok, but I didn’t know anyone playing to make a real stab at playing. I may buy the game next week and give it a shot next weekend.

    I played a few diferent characters, but can’t remember which ones. I think one was a bowman, that much I remember, and I tried a Captain. I managed to get the bow person up to 14 before I stopped and made it to Bree, I think, but I wore myself out trying to get that far in10days. I had a friends guest account. lol

    I’ve tried CoH and Tabula Rasa,and neither kept my interest long. But I did play Lotro hard for 10days, before my time ran out.

  12. I don’t have any real-life friends playing any MMO’s at all (well, WoW but I’m permanently retired from that one) so I just get real picky about which guilds to apply for, get to know the members, etc. before I decide it’s my “home.”

    But I’m extremely happy with all the current guilds I’m in, with the possible exception of Guild Wars, but that’s mainly because it’s a bit of a fallout for refugees from Guildcast Listener’s United after that was disbanded when it was announced the podcast was coming to an end. The new guild seems to be mostly kids so, meh. But I’m on break from GW right now (I love no-fee games for that reason alone!) so it’s not an issue until I return.

    But my LOTRO, DDO, and Vanguard guilds all rock!

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