To Be A Hero!

Man, it sure has been a long time since I blogged. First it was work, that seemed to keep me away. Then I got a little sick while working, so I’ve been resting.

I was playing EQ2 for a while there and enjoyed it some. It was definitely better than LOTRO, but due to the difficulty and challenges, EQ2 just wasn’t all that fun unless you had friends playing. For me, that was just one friend and about a month ago when I spoke with him, he said he had let his subscription lapse and was no longer paying for the game. So upon hearing this news, I decided to cancel my subscription.

After canceling the game, I kept thinking that I would still like to still try another MMO besides World of Warcraft. I love WoW, but I have found that if you don’t do something else every now and then, you start to hate WoW. With all the grinding involved, the raiding, the mindless gathering of materials to craft armor its just nice to have something else you can play to get away from all that, before you truly start to hate it. Like I mentioned, I had tried LOTRO, but it just seemed like a WoW clone and if I was going to play a game that was WoW-like, why not just play WoW?

Well, after some researching, I decided that I wanted to be a Hero. Upon reaching this conclusion I picked up City of Heroes/City of Villains. I have to say that I really like the game. I’m currently on day four of playing and I’m coming really close to filling up my character slots on one server already. The graphics aren’t as top notch as EQ2 or even WoW, but they are still pretty great and look awesome on my 22″ Samsung. Oh yea, thats another thing I picked up a month ago that I failed to mention last time lol.

The game play is pretty simple. You get in the game, you pick a server, you have 12 character slots to choose from, then its just a matter of creating your character. The problem with that is since you have a large number of choices on how you want your character to be, you can easily spend up to 30 minutes designing a character, I know I have.

The character creation is the best I have seen in any MMO to date. They did everything right. Again, I am new to the game, but it seems that the combination of powers and character classes is pretty wide range. I’ve made 6 characters already and haven’t duplicated one power tree yet. after choosing your powers, you move on to costume design. Thats is by far the most fun I’ve had yet. You can spend tons of time creating your character look. I won’t go into all of it right now, but lets just say you can pretty much make your character look anyway you can dream.

The only real draw back to the game is once in the game, you really only have two ways to level up. You can kill random trash mobs in the zones or you can take on missions from your contact i.e quest giver. When you start off in the newbie zone, you get to pick one of two contacts, after you choose which one you want, thats the one you get stuck with for a few levels. This to me is kind of limiting because once you’ve done the newbie area a few times, you kind of get bored with just two separate series of quests. The only reason I do it over and over again is because I want to try out different characters and powers. There should be more options earlier in the game. Again, I’m new so there maybe and I haven’t seen them yet.

The missions are instanced, which is very similar to another NCsoft game, Guild wars. Once you’ve completed all of the missions objectives, the game makes some noise and you get an exit button at the top of the screen. You can then exit the instance, run back to your contact and get another. Just remember that the game uses a lot of the same looks for the instances, so once you’ve done a cave instance, you’ll probably see that same cave again and again. Even with this flaw the game is fun.

Another great thing is the way the powers look. They are spectacular. The best way to get the full effect is to be grouped with others, with all those powers going off it looks like a rock and roll show. Being in a “Team” is the best way to do most of the instances. The one large team I was in basically destroyed all the mobs in their path. I think my role on that was Tank, but it sure didn’t feel like I was tanking much. lol And most of the people that I have met are friendly and very nice, at least on the servers I have been on. Everyone pretty much knows that the way to get anything done is to “Team up”. So people are very active in getting teams together. I know that I have had more invites to team up in this game than I ever did in EQ2 in the 4 months I was playing. People just seem to be nicer.

I still have a lot to explore and different characters to try out. But for now its a pretty nice diversion from WoW. I’ve actually talked a few friends into getting the game and another to reactivate his account so we can all run together. My hope is that we can maybe someday form a Super Group. lol

Oh one more thing before I wrap this up. I did discover that being a Hero was most definitely fun, but being a Villain is the best.


Besides all that, I have been playing WoW a little. I managed to get my Alt Warlock up to 44 and loving it. Locks are just more fun at higher levels. Once I get to 49 I’m going into the Battle Ground to open up a little Whoop Ass. I’ve not played my main in such a long time and when I do its only to revenge my warlock getting ganked. I think that after taking time off from the game that raiding isn’t all that I want in a game. I really just want to game with friends and have fun. I don’t want to have a schedule where I have to be someplace at a certain time or I’ll lose DKP and not get a shot at a piece of gear. Besides I’m always late for everything I do, just ask my wife and co-workers lol.  So I think I’ll just do Heroics and chill for a bit working on my warlock.

The only other bit of news, since its been a while.  I’ve also picked up Civilization 4.  The game is most fun.  I’ve only played the tutorial a bit, and I think I made a lot of decisions to quickly.  Even though its turn based, I discovered I was making a lot of decisions as if it was an RTS game.  When it asked to upgrade or do something I just said yes.  On reflection I should have looked more closely at each decision and maybe even turn a few down.  But thats for later.

Thanks for hangin in there and waiting on my post.  Again, as always, I’ll try to be more current with stuff.


~ by oakstout on November 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “To Be A Hero!”

  1. Good to see you back and active!

  2. Thanks, its good to be back. lol

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