We are taking on water, Captain!

I and a few of my friends moved our mains, yet again, to a bigger guild. The reason for this was that the “slightly larger than a friends only” guild was starting to sink like the Titanic. To preface the following blog, I must first say that this guild was an awesome stepping off point to do a few things we were unable to do in our “Friends only” guild. We were able to field a few more 5 man runs, get a few people attuned for Kara and pick up some nice gear in the process.  We also met some really nice people that from this day forward will be considered really good friends and gaming colleages.  But then, not everything was as perfect as one might have hoped.

The problem started when… after doing all this very successful the first month in the guild, everything just started to crawl to a halt and we stalled. Several of us spoke with the guild leader. We casually suggested that to keep us from falling into a rut, we needed to start scheduling events so we would continue to move forward. We made suggestions like, possibly assigning someone to get the lower level characters thru old world instances, help them level up, or maybe someone to help schedule runs to get people attuned or even do rep grinds for heroic keys. At first these were just mild suggestions, hoping that if he noticed the lack of progression by members he would do something, anything.

But he just did nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. He would farm, work on his alt or just disappear for days on end. I understand that “Real world” is more important that the “Game World” but if your taking the responsibility to form a guild and get people into it, then you have a responsibility as leader to be there to lead or appoint someone in your absence to do it. Guilds that are more than just a “Friend only” guild don’t run on auto pilot, some navigation and organization is required.

Well a few of us that noticed what was happening, tried to raise our voices a bit more to his attention. But even with several of us shouting “Iceberg ahead!”, he still did nothing. Finally, a few of the 70s started to look elsewhere and many of them left to join other guilds. Even when a dear friend of the guild leader’s left so he could join a guild that was doing End Game content, he still did nothing to get the guild pumped up and motivated, so we continued to take on more water. There is nothing you can do when someone is apathetic.

Frustrated with this lack of action, a few of us, mostly friends, decided to start shopping around for a more “Active” guild. I felt terrible. I didn’t want to leave a guild where I was friends with the guild leader. The same person I had asked several months back if we could join his guild so we could be serious about doing end game content. But the only choice at this point was either go down with the ship or run for a life raft.

WoW would benefit at this stage with a little help from EQ2. When I started back up in EQ2, I noticed it had a really slick interface for “Looking For Guild”. It was like small version of the wanted ads, where you could look thru, see a guild posting that you liked and apply. If this was available in WoW, it would make life much easier. But since its not, you have to start grouping with people who might be in a guild your interested in joining. But you have to do it without bad mouthing the guild your in. Well you could, but then who would want someone that bad mouths a guild lol. This process can take a very long time, lucky for us, it didn’t.

So, we moved! Did I mention this already?

We found a new, bigger guild. One that is doing the High End instances and needs people. It also doesn’t have that nasty DKP system, but a roll if you need it system, which I very much like. Upon joining the first day, they invited a few of us to do a Kara run. Which was extremely nice of them.

I noticed right away it was much different. As I mentioned they were very nice, but I did take note that they weren’t as friendly as a smaller guild would be. It seems more business and less personable. Course this could be due to the fact I don’t know many of them yet. I’m hoping that the more I group and do instance with them, I’ll be able to warm up to them as I hope they will warm up to me. Ether way, I’m here to stay for awhile. They are willing to help me to advance and as long as we are doing stuff, any kind of stuff, I’ll be there.

Just as a side note:

The reason for the move wasn’t because we took to long to organize a Kara run, which of course we did. The true problem was that, ever time I logged on, it was the same 5 or 6 people on. And of course, it was never the right combination of people to do anything. To successfully do anything, we had to just about PuG every group into an instance. The guild leader knew this and did nothing to fix the problem i.e recruit or do any organization of runs. Every time I logged on, there was a new level 40 in the guild begging people in guild chat to run them thru an instance. I don’t mind helping my fellow guildie, but if all we are doing is recruiting people for me to run thru DM, thats just bad leadership.

With this new guild, every time I log on, I see 10 to 15 – 70’s wanting to do something. They aren’t interested in farming, they run instances, help others get attuned and assist with quests that people are having problems with . This is why we moved.

Helpful Tip of the Week:
Because the new guild we joined is bigger and more serious about getting stuff done and organized, I’ve had to install GEM (GUILD EVENT MANAGER). It looks complicated, but after a few minutes with it you’ll realize how powerful and awesome this guild tool really is. Basically, it lets members schedule events. You can schedule a run for Shattered Halls on Tuesday, set the type of classes you want for the group make up, then everyone can sign up for it. If everyone in my last guild had this, I don’t think it would have gone as badly as it did.

More news:
On a sad note. I found out this morning on Cuppy’s site that Robert Jordan had passed away this weekend. His series “The Wheel of Time” is one of my favorite reads.

Also, Ep. 9 of SUWT is available at Virgin Worlds. This is an excellent podcast. The only time I get annoyed with them is when they become to Fanboy-ish towards one MMO and then slam another. An example is when they start attacking WoW and start spouting the Holy might of EQ2. (please note, this doesn’t happen all the time, just one a few occasions.)

My argument is, why can’t both games be great? I play them both, I like aspects of each and dislike certain things about both. Together, they would make one awesome game. In a future blog I may discuss this further.

I really need to post more often so my blog doesn’t look like mini novels at times.


~ by oakstout on September 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “We are taking on water, Captain!”

  1. Hehe I enjoyed reading the mini novel. I usually wind up in that same time of guild. I join mainly for the comradery as I don’t have the time to do the group end game stuff. But eventually others start leaving for the same reasons you cited, and the nice big friendly guild becomes a very small and quiet guild.

    I absolutely loved how EQ2 incorporated that in-game guild recruiting system. I hate having to hunt down guilds and web pages. This was just such a neat thing and would love to see it in other games.

  2. I agree, looking for a replacement guild while your still in a guild is like looking for a new job while your still going to your old one. You can’t say anything terrible about your old job to your new employer, cause that maybe the way they roll as well, but just pay better lol. Or they just may find out the problem is really you.

    Also, its better to have a simple in game recruitment interface, thats up all the time, so you don’t have people spamming for new guildies. Worst, is when you get a random invite if your not even in a guild.

    But like everything, once you’ve moved in to your new job, adjusted to the cramp cubicle, finally being called on by the new boos for your input….you finally say “I’ve finally found a good home”.

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