To Press or Not to Press?

Bloggers have been asked by Darren over at Common Sense Gamer , if they would classify themselves as members of the Press.

Man, this is a really hard question to answer.  So I’ll just lay out a few ideas.

Bloggers do offer their opinions on varying subjects, similar to the editorial section of a paper.  They pose questions to their audience, not unlike a reporter trying to get the scoop from a subject.  They also pass on news and information, which the local news cast does everyday at 7 and 11.

Does a Blogger have the ability to change what the reader thinks?  By this I mean, will the opinion of the Blogger and what he writes influence others, YES.  Is this the case in all instances?  NO.

People that just blog about how cute their cat is or how much fun they had this weekend drinking beer on their boat fishing aren’t going to influence mass amounts of people.  This type of blogging is for fun, entertainment or some form of therapy.  But there are some that blog with the sole purpose of influencing others.  These people “report” information, give opinions and try to educate people about certain things or ideas that move them, not unlike members of the Press.

The fact is Bloggers are both the Press and not the Press.  Until there is a distinct set of guidelines that separates the mundane from information, Bloggers will just have to be considered both.


~ by oakstout on September 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “To Press or Not to Press?”

  1. Well i asked this question on the eq2-daily forms about a month ago. And after reading what they said i’m going to say i’m not press because i don’t get paid or make any money on what I’m saying.

  2. I don’t think that saying “I don’t get paid or make any money on what I’m saying” would be a condition for classiflying yourself as not being a member of the press.

    If your passing information on, your considered a news service, wheither your getting paid for it or not. There are public editorials in the paper all the time and those people don’t get paid. Wouldn’t that be considered an extention of the news that the paper is reporting on?

    But I don’t think you can just say all bloggers are press. Its like saying all gamers play MMO’s. They don’t. I would say that the content and the way it is presented by some bloggers, even the fact that their blogs are read by more than a few people daily just to get information and news, would if there was a way to, classifly them as reporters or news oriented people and in the case of Darren and others, ROCK STARS.

  3. We’re the Free-Press, folks. In that we’re free of the stipulations that money brings to what we write.

    Not saying I wouldn’t love to be paid for writing my blog, but let’s face… the dollar brings evils to anything aimed at the masses – even our tiny blogs.

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