Systems – GO!

Well, finally got all the parts, installed them, and the new system is running like a champ.

Have to say that both World of Warcraft and EQ2 look amazing. If you can afford an 8800 GTX video card, get one. They simply rock! I managed to get EQ2 to run at the highest level and still manage a good frame rate. Course, this will have to be changed in a group or raid. With all the spell effects going off at once, I’m sure even the system I have will be at a crawl in no time. But still, its nice to know I can run around, harvest with the settings all turned on and not feel like I’m watching a slide show. I also didn’t think it was possible to get much more out of Wow, but incredible as it may seem, the colors are richer, everything just pops out at you.

But thats not the best news. I picked up Bioshock. The game is incredible. I can not begin to tell you how awesome this game is. If you have an Xbox 360 or a high end PC and your not playing this game, there is something seriously wrong with you. This game, for me, is an instant classic. Its innovative on many levels. The design, atmosphere and sound all are top notch. The actually game play is more than just point a gun and kill something. There are puzzles you have to figure out, vaults you have to crack, and security systems that need to be hacked. Not to mention the way you get to define your character.

You pick up enhancements and powers as you advance in the game. Every decision you make effects how you take on the challenges you face ahead. You’ll get improvements, but which one to choose? Decide to keep the powers you have or change them out for something you’ll need on that level. Its not much different from the choices you make in any other game. Should I keep the +8 sword or sell it so I can get the really nice plate mail that protects me from dragon’s breath. Every decision, (not that they necessarily are set in stone, you can change them later) is important.

Every encounter can be handled in many different ways.  Should I just shoot the monster, catch the oil slick on fire till it reaches the monster, freeze the monster and hit him with a wrench so he breaks into millions of icy pieces or just simply use my power to crush him against the electric damage shield that surrounds my body?  It even has two different types of endings, depending on if you save or harvest the “Little Sisters”.  But no fear, no spoilers here.

I’ve not finished the game cause I have started over twice.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time thru.  I did.  I missed a whole secret area.  I also managed to find the “Little Sister” I was missing, but I won’t say if I saved her or not. lol.  This game, so far, just feels complete.  In a age where you purchase a game just to spend another month or so playing a beta, its very refreshing to be playing what I would consider a finished product.

Now, if they could just make an MMO like this game, I’d be in gamer heaven. 


~ by oakstout on September 9, 2007.

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