Well, sorry again for a week of absent posting. Work has been a really big bear with sharp teeth. I finally got this week off so I’m hoping to get some stuff going.

Some of my new PC parts should be arriving today. Oh as a little tip, when ordering from Newegg, remember it takes forever for them to ship and when it says 3day shipping it really means 3 – 5day shipping. They also have a $2.99 fee you can pay so they will “Pull” your order faster so it can get shipped sooner. I fell for it, so don’t any of you. I ordered my stuff last friday and it just got shipped this morning. I did get my $2.99 refunded afer some words with them. They said they may upgrade my shipping to 2nd day, but I doubt it. I have been burned by them in the past, but I just keep having faith that they have changed.  Curse them and their good pricing or I would never shop their.

I’m still playing World of Warcraft, but I’m getting way bored again. Our guild is having trouble keeping people. The guild leader is a bit lazy and doesn’t help people work on their Kara attunement by scheduling a “Guild Night” so everyone who needs help can get it from guild members instead of PuGs. There are a few of us that have banded together to get stuff done, but its the same friends that came over from our other guild. If we don’t get new blood soon, I suspect a large number of people will be defecting to Kara Raiding guilds and finding the right guild is very hard.

I have also been stepping back into EQ2. I like EQ2, but they make soloing incredibly hard. I just wish they would tone some of the lower level areas, so people could do more soloing. I have also discovered that there are not as many people in the newbie areas which makes it even harder to get help. But the game is so much fun and gorgeous I can’t seem to let go of the account.

One of the games I’ll probably get when my machine is upgraded will be Bioshock. There is a great review over at Gamespy. I played the last version of that game years ago and it scared the crap out of me at times. I wouldn’t sit in a dark room playing this new one for sure.

Thanks for hangin in there and waiting. I hope to get a few postings out this week since I’m vacationing at home, waiting for my pc parts, just waiting…..Curse you NEWEGG.


~ by oakstout on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “RaMbLings”

  1. Oak transfer to Sen’Jin server we always need someone to run 5 mans with 🙂

  2. i love newegg, never had a problem with any of there parts.. but ya shipping is slow but with the amount you save and that there pretty good with returns, it not much of a problem.

  3. Yes, the way Newegg shipps is only really one speed….late. I managed to get everything the friday before labor day, but I was going out of town that weekend. I managed to get everything built Sunday and Monday.

    Everything is running great and EQ2 looks absolutely awesome. I’ve done some running around but no group stuff, so I’m sure once the spells and action start flying, I’ll have to turn it down a bit, but for running around doing one on one mobs and harvesting, the game is just sweet at the highest graphic settings.

    But Newegg blows. I like the site, reviews are what keep me coming back. Being able to see what others say about the hardware is important to me. A good customer review for an item drives me more to get it. But they take forever to send you the gear. Zipsoomfly, ships faster, but their site doesn’t include customer reviews of items and they don’t carry as many items as Newegg. If they get that figured out and fixed, Zipzoomfly would rule the world.

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