Microsucks and Direct X 10

This is more of a rant than a good informed blog posting, so I just wanted to warn people.

Upon deciding to upgrade my game machine, I started poking around to see what components where out there now. I subscribe to several magazines, like PC Gamer and Maximum PC. I also check out sites like Toms hardware, Game Spot and GameSpy. I usually just glance around, keeping myself up to date on most things, like how fast the new hard drives, whats the new killer video cards and how big the LCD monitors have gotten.

I usually don’t get to involved in the numbers till it comes time to upgrade. So, I ventured out on a few sites and checked what was rated well and what people in general were using for the new age of gaming machines. While doing this investigation, I discovered some information that … well…pissed me off.

It appears that Microsoft will not be releasing Direct X 10 on XP. They have decided that to fully use DX10 the way they want, and for any future use, it can only be available for Vista users due to the coding that is involved. This wouldn’t bother me at all last year or even the beginning of this year, if I had upgraded then. But now the video card companies are releasing the newest and greatest cards to the market, and the majority are being made DX10 ready.

Now, I know what your saying “Why not just upgrade to Vista on the new machine and you’ll be all set.” Well the answer to that is, again, Microsoft decided to release an unpolished product and the consumers have to be the beta testers. At work, we have two Alienware computers with Vista installed. Half the software I get for them won’t run and the other half runs but very inefficiently, or I have to wait till they release a Vista version of the product. I have tons of games now that I want to be able to play once I get my new machine together. I don’t want to have issues with them not working cause the OS is crap.

Besides, from all the specs I have seen, games run much slower on Vista than XP. I’m not a huge number cruncher, but when it comes to spending over 1k to build a computer, you want to spend your money wisely. I like to build systems that will stand up for at least 2 – 3 years with only minor upgrades. I don’t want to invest in Vista and then spend most of my time playing all my old games on my old machine, because they just don’t run, just to wait till Microsoft gets the OS up to par. Again, the consumer is at the mercy of big business.

I just think its highway robbery, when Microsoft can look at a customer and say you have to upgrade if you want to have access to stuff that we aren’t making available to all our other OS products. I’m sure there is sound reasoning for them not to release DX10 for XP, but they should have some plan in the works to release an upgrade to DX9 that will take advantage of some of the cool features on these new cards coming out on the market that are DX 10 compatible. Course, I’m living in a dream world where I think the consumers should be the priority of big business instead of cash flow. Also, I heard that game company’s are making Direct X 10 only games. Now I might be wrong. But doesn’t that shorten the number of possible sales, if half your customers don’t have Vista and can’t install DX10? They could produce two versions, a DX9 and a DX10, but unless they can supply that on the same disc or in the same box, isn’t that a bit costly?

If I’m wrong about all this, please let me know. I did hear a rumor that there would be a new version of DX9 that would make use of some features in the new cards, but it wouldn’t be as good as DX10. There was even some article that said, some group was working on their own to provide a XP version of DX10. If a separate group of software people can work the code, why can’t Microsoft. Oh yea, I remember, its not beneficial to their bottom line to keep supporting XP, while Vista is sitting on selves.

If your looking to upgrade soon, and Vista isn’t what your looking to install, then do some research. You might want to wait on that DX10 compatible card till you are ready to install Vista. For me, the plan is to get a 8800 GTS 680mb card and install a copy of XP Pro. Since its cheaper to buy an OEM version of an OS when your buying hardware, I’ll probably get a copy of Vista, since its cheaper than a copy of XP Pro.

Again, this is more of a personal rant against the Man. The man being Microsucks and their practice of screwing the public for their own good. If someone can convince me that Vista is better than XP, I’ll welcome any kind of input or if I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill about DX10 not being supported on XP, then tell me.  Most of this may not be news to the gaming community. I pretty much live under a hardware rock till its time to upgrade and for a short period of about 4 months every 2 or so years, I know more than I need to about computer hardware. lol But if anyone wants to suggest some stuff, or let me know what rigs they are using with Vista and what games do work on that OS, I’d like to hear that too.


~ by oakstout on August 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Microsucks and Direct X 10”

  1. I have the 320mb version of the 8800 GTS for my main gaming rig, and overall I’ve been very satisfied. I’m planning on adding a second one for the SLI functionality in the next few months. My one word of caution (if you’re building it yourself) is to make sure that you have plenty of room in the box. Those suckers are huge.

  2. It should be plentifully stupid enough for game makers to make DX 10 games only without backward support to DX9. But I don’t think such games can make into market. Because by the time they test and develop those games in stupid Vista, they’ll get pissed off and finally use cute lil DX 9. If there is a group getting DX 10 port to XP, they’11 also get DX 11 port to XP and DX 12 too. Microsoft has officially been terminated from futhur growth!

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