Lazy Dayz of Summer

Things have been slow, gaming wise. I think its the summer. Everyone is off on vacation and the guild seems to be moving in low gear right now. I have been playing my Lowbie Shaman instead of my 70 Mage for a few days. Its nice to change things up a bit and try out a new class so the game doesn’t get old. I did discover while moving some of my alts into the new guild I joined a few weeks ago, that I am undeniably an Alt-oholic. When most of your characters are level 25 or higher, it just screams “You have no life!” lol

In other news, it was recently reported that World of Warcraft had reached the 9 Million mark. That is an incredible feat. Its nice to know that you share a passion with 9 million other crazy gamers on the planet.

I haven’t played much EQ2 of late, but on the other hand, I haven’t canceled my subscription yet either. I’m currently working on getting my gaming machine upgraded in the next few weeks. Once I get the Dual Core and that nice 8800 GTS 640mb card installed, I’m looking forward to revisiting the world of Norrath in all its splendor. I get really bummed when I can’t see all the cool spell and lighting effects. Well, I could, but then my machine would chug along and moving would be near impossible. The plan is once I get all that wonderful, delicious upgrade goodness installed, I’ll turn on all the visual effects, move around the world and see how wonderful it all looks.

Once the install is finished and everything is tested, I’ll be able to try out a few newer games like Supreme Commander. A game I have been wanting to try, but just didn’t think my Pro X800 ATI card/ Amd 64 machine could handle to its fullest potential. BioShock and Crysis are two other games that I’m looking forward to seeing, but since I plan on building my machine using XP Pro I’ll have wait and see if I’ll be able to run those games under Direct X 9. I don’t think there will be much of a problem. I would suspect that if they do release a Direct X 10 version, there must be a way to run it under Direct X 9, but I’ll save those thoughts and rants against Micro$oft for another post.

Sorry for the delay in posting and I’ll try and get another one out this week.


~ by oakstout on August 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lazy Dayz of Summer”

  1. 9 Million, not 9 Billion 😉

  2. Yea, I know. How embarrassing. Well, you have to screw up every now and then to see if people are actually reading your blog.

    Thanks Cyanbane. lol

    PS: I have corrected the mistake. Thanks again

  3. I just upgraded to a new PC myself, and I have to admit that it makes all the difference with EQ2. I’ve got everything (minus the shadows) cranked up and only have performance problems in the really crowded city areas.

    The game looks AMAZING, especially in the EoF areas where SoE really put some polish into the landscape and models. Like you said, I am ready for Crysis myself, and would suggest just installing Vista now, so you don’t have to fudge around with it later on. It’s not exactly perfect, but the problems are being corrected fairly quickly now, and it’s only a matter of time before you are going to need it to run Dx 10.

    Take the plunge now and be ready instead of dealing with the problems later. 🙂


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