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I’m sure there have been lots of bloggers who have posted the pros and cons of PuGs (Pick Up Groups).  Well, I’m going to put my 2 coppers in the ring as well.  I have a love/hate relationship with PuGs.  There are times when you can hop into a quick group to do an instance and everything just goes completely right.  Everyone knows their job, the group leader marks up the mobs right and everyone survives a really bad pull.  That is the perfect PuG.

The problem is, and it never fails, that right after you end up in a Dream PuG, the next one you join is a complete nightmare.  To start with, someone in the group wants to rush.  They either have a limited amount of time and want to do the rep before they head off to an all important appointment or they are really impatient and this is just the start of many many runs that they want to get done in a day.  These people drive me nuts.  The worst thing anyone can do in  an instance with a new bunch of people is rush things.  You need to take it slow after the first couple of pulls to make sure everyone is on the same page.After a long day at work, If I jump in to an instance group right away, its going to take me a few minutes to get in the groove.  Kind of like letting your eyes adjust to the sunlight after being indoors all day. So I like to take the first bit a little slow. 

  Now, the next thing that usual indicates a bad PuG, is when they can’t take direction very well.  If people sheep the wrong mob or they break the trap to early cause they didn’t target the right mob or they didn’t burn down the right mob then thats ok, the first time they do it, but if they keep doing it over and over again and they have “My Bad” or “Sorry” on a macro, then you know its going to be a long day.  Especially if these mistakes get you killed or causes a full wipe.  I have been in chaotic groups where this happens a lot and we don’t get anyone killed, which is lucky to be sure, but as a habit, I don’t enjoy these groups as much.  But keep in mind, people can have an off day.  I know I have had my fair share of them, so be nice to people even if they make a few mistakes.  We are after all only human.

Another issue is people that don’t know their class.  Either they bought it off E-Bay or they have a leveling service that gets them to 70, but they have no idea how their character is played.  Or worse, its someone that has played their character to 70 on their own and still don’t know how its done in a group setting.  But if you work with them, and guide them with a gentle hand, they can be very useful and will learn a thing or two in the process.  But treating people with a heavy hand in these situations is extremely bad.  Just because they don’t know the character well, doesn’t give anyone the right to treat them badly.  Just help them if you can, if not, let them know that their services are not needed at the time and explain to them in a nice way why.  Words of encouragement will go a long with with people. 

The other points that make up a bad PuG will be harder to detect.  These are the people that come into a group for selfish reasons and then leave once their task is done.  Be it a quest or a major loot drop off a boss mob.  Usually when this happens its more of an individual issue and they leave.  Then the job of replacing them occurs or the whole group just disbands.

But the overall important thing is that PuGs are vital.  Yes, some people hate them and won’t do an instance unless its all guildies and or friends.  I was like tha once, but it limits your fun in the game.  I have met some really great people in PuGs.  The guild I am in now, wouldn’t have happened if i had not been in a PuG and met the people I now call friends and guildmates.  True, you meet some really terrible and rude people in a PuG, but you can also meet some awesome people that can help you in the future. 

This is why I love and hate PuGs.  Its a hit or miss kind of thing for sure, but a little adventure is always good for the soul I say.


~ by oakstout on July 20, 2007.

8 Responses to “Pick up Groups”

  1. I have never under stood why people hate pick up groups so much. Most of the pick up groups i get have been pretty good. People who avoid, just seem to be limiting there grouping options

  2. I think my problem is, I’ll get into a really awesome pick up group and the next one will be full of either horrible people that just don’t know what they are doing or arrogant people that think they know everything and want to be little you the minute you make one mistake.

    I actually have grown to love Pick Up Groups, but my problem is I spend more time cursing the bad ones rather than cherishing the good ones.

  3. I didn’t mind PuG’s pre-BC but when it came out and everything was still fresh, it was a terrible situation, mainly because people simply didn’t know the instances (but also because the difficulty was amped up.) I’m sure it’s better now that people have ran them all, but at the time, it was horribly frustrating, even with guildies at times.

  4. To be honest, the more I run, the better they go. Its tough if you have never been in an instance, and if I haven’t and I’m running in a PuG, I’ll let them know. Especially if they can offer any useful advise. But some PuGs just expect you to know whats going on and you have to promp people for stuff like, what the marks are for sapping, trapping and sheeping. That is the question i ask most often, since a majority of the time I’m playing my 70 mage.

    I’ve actually been in groups where they don’t even mark stuff and you just kind of wing it, but those aren’t very successful lol. But sometimes your just happy to be in an instance getting Rep for some faction that even those retarded problems don’t bother you till you wipe 3 or 4 times, then its off to find a new PuG.

  5. I was definitely one of those people who had played their character solo, and had very little idea of how to play their toon in groups until i joined a guild recently.

    It has certainly been the patience, encouragement and guildance of some guild friends that have helped me to improve a lot in playing my healer girl in a group. She still has a long way to go that is for sure – but she gets better each day.

    I have also had good and bad experiences in PuG’s – mostly bad. One thing is for sure if you group regularly with the same folks there is an instinctual understanding of each others capabilities/limitations and play style.

  6. For sure Kilanna, when I group with guildies doing an instance over and over again, it flows very very smoothly. But there are just some PuGs that flow really well, especially if everyone knows the instance. When people know the instance and what their class can do, then it goes really well.

    I have a specific Shammy in our guild that I group with, only because I know that even though technically he isn’t suppose to throw a heal to the Mage when he does something stupid, he’ll throw one my way. lol

    I’m enjoying end content more since I found a really good guild to run around with. I’m sure as with all things I’ll get bored with that eventually, but for now its fun./

  7. As a healer I will always throw a heal at a mage provided the tank is not in trouble 🙂

    I was even thinking about exploring new content with guildies – not just grinding the same instances over. I have an instinctual hatred of PuG’s after a few very bad experiences – cowboy tanks yelling at healers regarding why they cant keep him up, members who have accused me of not doing my job when I damn well knew I was.

    At the moment we are working on testing some of the limits of our regular group – that is fun. I know what our tank is capable of handling and he knows what I am capable of healing, so we are pushing the limits little by little to see what else we got.

  8. PuGs can be bad. I’ve only had one time where someone decided to tell me how to do my job as a mage and I left the group. Yes thats a very rude thing, so is having to slug it out with others in the group over silly things like how to play my own class. I ended up doing another instance right after and got the tank from the previous unsuccessful PuG. He was great and we had a wonderful time. Course, the only person that wasn’t a guildie was the tank I picked up.

    I say that PuGs can be fun and sometimes they can be a real pain the backside. It really depends a lot on how your day is going. Somedays, I’ll do a PuG just to be doing something at which point I really don’t care if we miss a few pulls as long as its freindly and no one is getting harrassed. Other days, I’m all business and I want to get it done and out.

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