The Art of Being Wrong!

On several blog sites I have commented on the fact that there is nothing for the casual gamer and that the only way to progress in the game is by raiding or becoming an instance whore.  I have also commented that this is bad for games, in general because a lot of players don’t want to do raids, run instances or even grind for silly amounts of faction.

I have since discovered why I felt this way.  I was in the wrong guild, playing with the wrong people and therefore just not enjoying the whole group thing in general.  Some will say, “Oakstout, well…..DUH!”  But sometimes you just don’t know how important such decisions are till you have to make a change.

The problem had been that ever since I got into MMO’s, I had only been in guilds that were generated by my friends, and only for friends.  We never recruited outside the circle and if we did it was very rare.  And because of this policy,  we never had the right amount of people on to do instances or big raids.  Worse of all, we never had the right combination of characters.  Nobody wanted to change classes to make things fit or if someone did, they were never on at the times we needed them.  This forces us all to be more casual about our play style.  We would get on, do what we could with what we had and be happy about it. 

This forced me into the concept that raiding and instances were bad.  Since I couldn’t do these things, I felt the Dev’s didn’t have my interests in mind when designing the game. I complained about the fact there was nothing out there for the casual player and they should make adjustments so that those of us who don’t do raids get the same rewards as others who do them.  I was wrong!

Last weekend, a few friends and I, who had become tired of being casual players and no longer wanted to be in a small family guild, decided to take a chance and we moved to a bigger, more productive guild or as I would like to call it, a “Business Casual” guild.

I have never had so much fun in my life.  The first 4 days have been awesome.  I have done more instances runs in those few days than I have in the past 2 years and I am in real danger of become what I affectionately call an “Instance Whore”.  The “Business Casual” guild is a hybrid of a hardcore guild and a friends only guild.  Everyone is friendly and nice.  Everyone helps each other out, but you don’t have to be hardcore about anything.  If you can make an instance, its awesome, if you can’t thats awesome too.  There is no pressure to get keyed or attuned, but if you want to, then they are there to help. 

I think things are looking up since joining this new guild.  It has moved me more towards the hardcore and away from the casual gamer.  I’m sure with more people there will be more problems and more drama, but thats ok for now.  I am actually looking forward to raiding, getting in there and doing some of the bigger end game stuff.   Now that I have a larger group of “game friends”, I want to do the struggle for the nice raid gear and enjoy ever long grueling step that comes with reaping the rewards a the end.

As I stated, my attitude has changed and I have to say I am hopful for my End Game experience now that I am in a guild that can help me do some of the stuff I so hardily dismissed weeks ago as wrong and bad for MMO’s in general. 

I am not saying that being a casual player is bad, but that sometimes, the reason you become a casual player is because you let people hold you back.  You become scared to try new things.  Being in a larger guild has opened my eyes to all new possiblities and it has made me realize that I was Wrong about many things.


~ by oakstout on July 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Art of Being Wrong!”

  1. Sounds good man, it is all about playing with friends. If you can avoid 80% of the players that play WoW and keep it within a small circle it can be fun, which is basically what I did the first two years.

  2. Enjoy the ride 🙂

    April 24 2007 I made the change from a ‘casual’ to ‘business casual’ guild and it has been one helluva fun time I gotta say.

  3. Ya it took me a while to leave my old guild. I was friend with all of them, but grouping and stuff was hard. I did finaly leave it the game became much more fun because instances and stuff was much funner

  4. For me, it was be in a raid guild 1st, try it for a few months, and realize I hated it. But at least I tried it.

    I’m just not a fan of raids. Small group stuff = fine. Raids = pain in the arse for me.

    Good luck, Oak. I hope you get more out of it than I did.

  5. I actually haven’t done a serious Raid yet, and I’m sure that there will be some boring times along the way, but considering I’ve done 12 instances in the last week to 10 days and thats the most I have done since I started playing WoW 2.5 yrs ago, I would say its a definite change.

    Its helpe me more of an extrovert than anything else. When people ask me to do a dungeon, I say yes. I don’t say no, just so I can be happy with the casual stuff anymore. Some PuGs are rough and some are just plan great, but I’m learning how to be good at my class in an instance, which is hard when all you do is solo.

    I’m going to post a blog soon about my good and bad PuG experiences, but for the most part, I’ve been having a blast.

  6. It’s a shame you didn’t realize this before the expansion. Raiding before BC was so much fun. Now there is so much drama and exclusiveness (at least in my guild) that I realized it wasn’t worth it and haven’t played in about three months. I also got busier and didn’t have time to raid anyways, but hopefully you’ve started after the drama has stopped or have a guild size and dynamic that works for it. Good luck.

  7. Yeah, there is still drama, but I usually stay out of it, when possible. But for me its a different experience. I have always been in guilds where I run with just Friends only so its a bit refreshing to do stuff with a wider variety of people.

    And the nice thing is we are all working towards the same goals, to get Keyed for Kara. After that, who knows if it will be fun anymore. The guild may become too serious and I may get pushed out of runs infavor of others, but for now, its fun. I’m running instances, I’ve gotten one heroic key so far and these are now possible cause I have more people helping.

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