The Hump

Its hard coming up with something to blog about.

The hump is bad. I can’t seem to make the daily decision about what I want to talk about. Its really really hard. I could talk about my daily grinding in EQ2 or even WoW, but I’m really not that exciting a person and don’t want to bore my readers, well, the three or four people that want to see me do well, but get disappointed daily when they don’t have something new to read. Oh, sorry bout that.

Anyway, I’m hoping my creative juices will start to flow and I find my inner MMO Blogger’s MUSE, so I can start posting on a regular basis. Oh, Xanadu is not a good movie if you want to learn about Muses, but it is a great musical/roller skating/dancing movie with Olivia Newton John. Well, I like it.


~ by oakstout on June 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Hump”

  1. Write about anything…just keep it going.

    Go over MMO news articles you find interesting…comment on those. tell us what you think about that stuff.

  2. Thanks. I’m getting the hang of it slowly. I managed to get another one out today which is a first. lol

  3. Oak check out my post today, just ramble about stuff 🙂

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