Back to being WoW-ed!

Well, just when I think I am out, I get pulled back in.

I have been WoW-ing again.  Yes I know, one minute its “There is no end game content for the casual gamer, so I’m bored with WoW” and then the next, I’m grinding away doing quests for money, items and rep.  And the strange thing, its all really fun.

I think the tables turned when I finally decided that it was time to make the effort and get my flying mount.  All my friends in the guild had one and they all kept saying, “You have to get one of these” and I honestly just got tired of hearing them pester me about getting one.   I dusted off my 70 arcane/frost Gnome Mage and checked my quest log for some easy soloable quests and start to earn a little money.  The great thing about being 70, every quest nets you about 7 – 24g a throw, plus, a nice item once you finish a quest chain.

Most of my quests happened to be in Netherstorm.  When I was grinding to 70 before I had only scratched the surface of the zone and found that it really wasn’t to my liking.  But since a majority of the quick and easy quests I had were in that zone, that is where I started.  I have to say, not giving an area a good look around before judging its beauty is a mistake I will never make again.  I have now made Netherstorm my home.  Its the top or at least on the near top of my list of all time favorite zones in WoW The questing was fun and interesting.  And most of the quest chains were some of the best written in the game so far.  Just about every quest I finished netted my about 11g and before I knew it I had some cash, items to sell or disenchant and lots of netherweave to make imbued bags with, which sell for a good amount of money.

The grinding for money didn’t take as much time as I had thought it might and in 3 or 4 days I had enough for my own personal bird (plus with a little left over so I didn’t feel like I need to borrow money for repairs lol).  I ran over to Shadow Moon valley, ponied up my money and was up and away in no time at all.  The game is much more fun once your airborne I must say.  Sometimes its ok to trust your friends when they say something is really cool or you need to try BOONE’S FARM STRAYBERRY  HILL WINE.  Course for me this does not include rollercoasters. 

The daily bombing quest for skyguard faction is one of my favorites to do.  It nets you 11g and change.  You get rep, which once its revered, you can get a Nether Ray to fly around on and let me tell you, it looks cool.  Course, you can’t even get to the area to do he quest till you have a flying mount.

Now I am having fun again.  I have even looked at what it takes to get attuned for Kara and other instances and maybe raiding isn’t so bad for a casual gamer. Just maybe I can get there slowly if I take my time and not stress out about it.  Yea, the grinding for this faction or that faction will take its toll and I am sure that burn out will again hit me right when I get a good Kara group going.  But the goal now is to have fun, take a  break, play some EQ2 once or twice a week and come back to WoW when I’m not feeling so burned out and stressed.  This should keep the experiences in both game fun!

At least till I get my Xbox 360 then it will be Pac Man Championship all the time.


~ by oakstout on June 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “Back to being WoW-ed!”

  1. Ugh Oak, you gave in to the devil man. I just tried to go back and the community and the greed that the instance runs inspires made me almost puke. Want a 70 warrior? I am selling my account, I am so done with this game. But if you do play it, the best way to do it is not stress. I am coming from a end game raiding experience I know you havent been there yet but really its not much to look forward to. Just play it your way and hopefully you have a great guild. Yeah though netherstorm is great cash and fun, the biodomes are cool. I had 3 70’s that I rotated out there and made triple the money, it works well if you grind through some levels in instances and skip questing, then when you are 70 you hit the quests and make double the money. Take it easy.

  2. Yea I know, the WoW has me again.

    The thing I am hoping that will change the raiding experience, is one, Kara is 10 man and I have 7 friends that want to run it, which means we only need 3 more. I can see how people can get lost or bored in a huge 25 or 40 man raid, but I think 10 is pretty reasonable. I have done some of the ones in the old world, I think Ubers is one, and it wasn’t too bad. I prefer a nice 5 man instance where its just me and some friends, but WoW isn’t about making it easy for the causal guy. A topic that has been covered on lots of blog sites over the last few weeks.

    I think if we just don’t get too caught up in the hype, make the experience fun and exciting, then it won’t seem like too much work. I’m sure we’ll wipe on a few really easy things, and I’m sure temper will be high. But the nice thing about our group of friends is we aren’t greedy people and we share a good bit of the loot we get between each other. If I get a nice agility leather item for a rogue, I pass it off to a friend. He was saving netherweave for an alt, I told him I was working to get my tailoring up over 350 and boom, my mail is flooded with cloth.

    Yea, we aren’t always nice to each other and we get on each others nerves from time to time, but with friends that have known each other forever, we seem to work well together and we just want to try a new challenge.

    I have never done a serious raid, other than one or two small 10 man pick ups and I am ready for something new to try. I have had friends tell me their horror stories back in EQ and that honestly I don’t want to be a hardcore raider, it just sucks. But, I have never tried it and i want to…otherwise, I’ll just have to be content with some crappy green items while all the other cool mages are running around in 50 or 100 DPS stuff. (This is a slight exaggeration lol)

    Yes, I know the saying, if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you? Well, you never know, but I would like to have the option. lol

    And as with everything, its the mood your in. In a week of grinding my ass off for mats for tailoring or rep, I’ll probably be back to being bored with the game and wanting to know if I can really run Supreme commander on my little old machine lol. I may even dust off my PS2 and start doing some SSX tricky stuff. lol I’ll probably devote more time to EQ2, which I am very much committed to but haven’t found the time in the past 2 weeks to work on, other than check my seller lol.

    But if you decided to keep your character active and want to hang with some crazy guys that aren’t really greedy and like to have fun, move to the Alliance side of Darkspear and give me a look up.

  3. Yeah WoW was always the best because its put together so well to jump in and just beat things to death, but it is good that you have 7 to go to Kara and hit it up, it avoids the drama of the big guild having to reduce its 40 mans to 10 mans and having people feel left out, on the bad side it means many guilds have splintered into 10-25 man elite units

    I havent had a chance to advance far in EQ2 lately either but I plan to hit it up this weekend and play Lineage 2 on the side. I just moved my level 70 warrior unfortunately so it will be like 3 months in WoW before I could move again. I am just not sure I can ever go back to that game to be honest. It would take something major and with all the games coming out soon I may have to let it go, kinda like parting with EQ1

    Right now I want to level and see what EQ2 can offer then I can honestly say I gave Norrath my “all”. Let me know how Kara goes though

  4. Hehe… seems you’re in a bit of a gaming slump as well, Oak. Going back to WoW and all. I’m thinking of dusting off City of or Auto Assault again. Played them far less than I ever did WoW. Or some company could be nice and let me focus all this gaming energy on one of their betas.

  5. Not Auto Assault anymore 😦

    A shame I thought maybe that game could have a spark lit under it but oh well.

  6. I stopped playing WoW for a bit but may go back now that life is settling down (finally).

    I never got the flying mount for my priest. I am thinking of running my shammy to 70 but she’s been a healer since level 58 and right now I am the suck at her current build. the shadow priest is a blast and I am loving it so I will probably stick with her for now.

    Interesting reading what you said about netherstorm. I helped some friends with a quest chain there when I was 68 and it was pretty brutal on the priest. It sounds like I need to go back and look again.

    As far as kharazan part of the problem (for me) is finishing up my key-I still ahve to run through BM. And I think I have to hit steamvaults as well. Sigh.

    Well you’ve given me a ray of hope.

  7. The progression is, Shadow Labrynth, Steam Vaults, then Arcatraz and then Black Morass. Shadow Labs and Arc you need either a rogue to pick the lock or a key from either a drop in another instance or a quest. BM you just need to run Old Hillsbrad first then your keyed for BM.

    When I first looked at the list of what you needed to do to get Keyed for Kara, I was like “Oh My Gawd” I’m never going to get this done. But a bunch of my friends moved into a new bigger guild, where people were making things happen and there was always a group doing something to get keyed. I am now, Keyed for Kara. It wasn’t as hard as it looked on paper. I stuck it out with some PuGs and did runs with lots of experienced guildies.

    I have discovered one thing that will help in doing instances. Make friends with a healer in the guild. Be there to run when he or she does, make sure you keep the agro off them in the instance, and they will run with you always. I got lucky and my mage hooked up with a really good Resto shammy. We rock as a team, so when ever he is getting invites, I get invites now. But always have an instance buddy that can help you get into groups.

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