Welcome to PvP!!

Well, my lowly level 10 Dwarf Templar finally ventured outside the city gates of Qeynos yesterday. I enjoyed the freedom of being outside the city and experiencing the wonder of my surroundings. I made it from the dock to the Lighthouse and then took a griffon to the Oracle Tower without too much trouble. I managed to even make it over to the Trapper’s house and pick up a few quests. This is when the reality that I was on a PvP server hit me like a ton of bricks

As I was starting a simple “pick a flower” quest, I got jumped, pommeled and pretty much Pwned. Now, when I played WoW, if I was on the other end of this abuse, my standard warcry, after pounding my poor adversary into the ground, would be “Welcome to PvP, Biatch!” Well, I sure got welcomed last night. And the welcoming did not end there.

I made my way to the North Qeynos gates, where I thought I was relatively safe. Well, not exactly. I got jumped again, stabbed, sliced, diced and left enjoying my now familar postion of laying face down in the dirt. I don’t even think I managed to hit one button while all this was taking place.


Now, again, not a newbie to the joys and downfalls of PvP. I’ve played PvP on Wow ever since I started playing it 2.5 years ago, and I can’t see playing any other way. That being said, I can see how if your not familar with PvP, it can get fustrating.

This being my 2nd death to PvP, I decided that maybe it would be better to hop back into the town and take a moment to reflect on what I’d learned from this experience. As I managed to walk back to the NQ gate, I glanced down at my combat text window. This is when I learned a new and valuable lession about PvP. The Swashbuckler that had killed me, had also Looted a [Rough Torquoise] and “2G“. Now, the realization that this was not your usually PvP started to sink in.


This lession was expensvie, but not hearbreaking. I know how to make money in this game. I did a pretty good job when I played it the first year it was released and managd to teach a friend my secret and he ended up being one of the top money makers on the Oasis server before he quit.

But after findig myself enjoying an unnecessary dirt nap again, I did not get discouraged. My poor little Mage on WoW got camped a lot by 60’s before he managed to get to the mid 40’s, so I just took it all in stride and decided to do some questing back behind the confineds of the city walls.

I got the guild invite from the guys over in Kill Shot that I had been waiting on. Awesome bunch of nuts I must say. Got some really good advise about how not to be seen while adventuring. The simple act of going “/anon” can save you a few headaches. If they don’t know that your a nice juicy easy to kill Templar, as apparently I am right now, they will be less inclined to jump you if they don’t know exactly what class you are. Also, try and group up with someone so you have a back up. Apparently, Templars can manage to live thru a few PvP assaults if they have a good warrior or Dps class to give it to the atacker!

Another important thing I learned, the city isn’t as safe as one might think. I began questing in the Forest Ruins and while I was down by the beach area looking for quest items, I got jumped ….AhhGAIN (small groan) and well, pretty much Pwned…AhhhGAIN (larger groan), no huge surprise there. After this unfortunate turn of events, I decided to group up with a Froglok Swashy. We then started the pursuit of our pesky Freeporter attacker. My new found friend managed to run into him twice more, while I was looking in the other direction, but as luck would have it, he managed to kill our attacker on his own, now thats PWNAGE.

As we continued the hunt, I discovered an interesting bug, or at least one I had not heard of or seen. At one point in our expedition, we managed to find our would be assassin and proceed to attack, but we did no damage. I was blasting him with every spell I had that would work, chasing him all over the little zone, but apparently no damage was taking place.  My Swashy friend proceeded to inform me, that our attacker was either mentoring or being mentored and couldn’t be damaged. We could attack him, but couldn’t make a dent in his health.

As we chased him around the forest ruins, he dropped the mentoring or at least I presumed he did, cause the symbol at the end of his name disappeared. He/Her, then proceeded to kill an innocent bystanderr, as he/her continued to run from us and then vanish into thin air. As much as I wanted a piece of this guy,it was getting into the early A.M hours and work was early the next morning, so, to my regret, I had to wrap it up and log. This was sad, cause I really wanted to get my first kill, but alas, that will be for another time.

The trick with PvP is not to get fustrated, to not let getting Pwned ruin your day. Learn from your mistakes, and let others teach you what they have learned. Eventually, the planets and stars will align together and one day soon, you will be able to return the beat down upon others. And then it will be your turn to say:



~ by oakstout on June 12, 2007.

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