There and Back again in ole Antonica!

I’ll try not to rehash a lot of stuff on other sites, but sufficient to say I have become bored with World of Warcraft. I’m sure everyone that has played World of Warcraft for sometime has come to this sad, depressing point, unless your a hardcore Raid-er and you find the end content more of a challenge than a tedious task. So what to do?

I decided to look around for something to do, other than be bored playing World of Warcraft. I had pretty much decided that I wanted to try another MMO, course I had to explain to my lovely wife how I was going to pay for “ANOTHER” pay to play game, but first I had to find one that I wanted to play and then the paying for it problem would work itself out later, I hoped. So, I narrowed the choices down to EverQuest II and LOTRO. I know there are several others games out there. I had played Guild Wars, which is a fun game, but you just can’t jump. And for someone like me, who can’t sit still for one minute, the ability to have your character jump up and down is just as important as being able to breath. I had looked into City of Heroes before I decided on playing World of Warcraft a few years back, but it just didn’t seem to have the depth I was looking for in a game. And lets not get started with Vanguard. So, back to my choice of either EverQuest II or LOTRO. To find out a bit about both, I decided to listen to a few podcasts about each and see what fans of the game had to say about them.

I found a few that talked about both and found out lots of useful information. From there I decided to check out a few forum boards and found the guys over at EQ2-Daily to be very helpful. From there, I decided to download the Fae trial and find out what was new in EverQuest II since I left. I had played EQ2 when it first came out, but it just didn’t have any good solo content and I do tend to like soloing a good bit. The crafting was great, but tedious and very very time consuming. But the folks at EQ2-Daily had explained that all this had changed and it was a whole new EQ2 now. So I tried the Fae trial and it was a lot of fun. Now, remember at the same time I’m doing the trial, I’m also playing World of Warcraft, so it was hard getting the controls right and moving around was difficult. And one thing that I had problems with in the trial was it wouldn’t remember the way I had my keys set up. Not sure if this is a problem with the trial or not, but just be aware of that if your planning to try it. Don’t let this bug ruin the experience for you.

Now, I’ve got the EQ2 trial working. I’m diggin it better than the first go round with the game, the fae are one of the more interesting characters to play, the game looks awesome even on the setting for good performance and the crafting is much much easier. But to make my decision fair, I needed to try LOTRO as well. Lucky for me, I found out a friend of mine had the game and lent me his buddy key. I managed to find a way to download the game on line; my friend lives a good hour from me and getting his discs was going to be a pain. I get the game installed and try out a few different characters. I have to say that LOTRO was fun. Not very buggy, easy to figure out, and it had a lot of fun things to accomplish in the game like the deed system. But for some reason after giving it a good long weekend of play, it just didn’t move me like EQ2 did. The game is easy like World of Warcraft, but you just have to run all over the place to do stuff. Some of the quests are a lot of “take this from point A to point B”, rinse and repeat. I think the game has promise, but they have to do something about some of the music in the game. The hobbit area music drove me crazy. One thing I will say about EQ2, it has really great music.

Now a few weeks later, I’ve got the EoF expansion installed; another reason I got the game, buy one expansion get all the expansions. So far its great, I have a character or two on the Nagafen server, because I want to try the PvP out in EQ2. Loved the PvP in World of Warcraft, hate the current end game content. Also have a few characters on Oasis server. I got a local buddy of mine sucked into EQ2 the first time and when I jumped to World of Warcraft he stayed, so I kind of owe him some EQ2 time now that I’m back. The only complaint I would make is I wish you could have more characters. In World of Warcraft, you can have 8 characters on EACH server, not just 8 total. I like to try out all the classes to see whats fun to play, but I’m limited to 8, I think, total in EQ2. I don’t have the money for a Station Pass, but it would be nice if they would expand the total. But so far, that is my only complaint. I’ve been enjoying the crafting again, its way easier now. No guessing what buttons you have to push and pushing them isn’t a huge bother anymore. Its been nostalgic to revisit all the old places again since I left the game the first time.

SoE has improved the game a bunch and I’m very happy with my choice. I hope to report more on my adventuring next time.


~ by oakstout on June 9, 2007.

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